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Since the first release of the BW/BI Java runtime (BEx 7.x) there's a restriction that only one BW ABAP system acts as the master system. The master system stores all Web Application Templates (WAD) and bookmarks. It's not possible that a single Java system can access templates and bookmarks from multiple ABAP systems. Only data providers can fetch data from multiple BW ABAP systems (queries, views).

With the release of this SAP Note the "single master system" restriction is no longer valid. A new application parameter allows to overwrite the default master system connection during runtime. All available system aliases of BI system landscape objects (connections) can be used for the new application parameter.

As the BW/BI Java runtime is being used by many SAP and 3rd party applications it's not possible to guarantee the "multiple master systems" feature is applicable for each and every scenario.



The default master system connection (the system with "BI master system" flag set to true in the system landscape of the Enterprise Portal) can be overwritten by the new application parameters "BI_MASTER_SYSTEM". For the BW/BI Java BEx web the parameter should be added to the application parameters on iView level, e.g.


Any available system alias of a BI system connection can be used. Please consider that changing system properties or adding new systems or aliases in the system landscape may require a restart of the Java stack.

As the Broadcaster controller application is an ABAP based application the BI master system alias has to be defined as a RSADMIN parameter on BW ABAP side. Please create the RSADMIN parameter "RS_BEX_BI_MASTER_SYSTEM" and enter the system alias of the corresponding system landscape object on Java side, e.g.


To create, maintain or delete RSADMIN parameters please use the report "SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN" (SE38). If "online links" are used a BI KM metadata repository has to be created for each and every BW ABAP system connected. The entry point/path of the BI KM metadata repository used by the Broadcaster is defined in the table "RSPOR_T_PORTAL". Further details on the basic BW/BI Java and Broadcaster setup can be found in the SAP Help.

If you're using a producer consumer scenario like the FPN (Federated Portal Network) please ensure to define the FPN iView suffix (SAP Note 1227195 and 1402019) on BW ABAP side. This requires to create a copy of the BEx default iView using the FPN iView suffix both on producer and consumer side (remote copy). The used iView suffix is defined by the RSADMIN parameter "RS_BEX_FPN_IVIEW_SUFFIX" on BW ABAP side, e.g.


Based on this example the ID of the iView copy of the BEx default iView has to be "". The BEx default iView can be found in the Portal Content Directory (PCD) at:

Portal Content > Content Provided by SAP -> Platform Add-Ons > Business Intelligence > iViews > BEx Web (the first entry with ID "")

To enable the multiple master feature please apply the ABAP corrections of SAP Note 1981917 and the BI Java patch as mentioned in SAP Note 1983124. As already mentioned the feature is available for the releases 7.30 or higher. Only the FPN iView suffix for the Broadcaster has been downported to the releases 7.01 or higher.



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