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Due to the complexity of the provided features, products and environments, it has become a necessity in almost all cases to analyze problems in the customers’ environments. To do so, Support Engineers need to gain access to certain systems by using certain connection types as well as the corresponding logon data.

Our experience has shown that getting the right connections and authorizations has a considerable impact on the overall processing time for an incident. Therefore, we want to encourage our customers to have the correct accesses prepared when opening an incident. This does not only speed up processing times for their incident but also processing times for in general as more time can be dedicated to actual problem analysis.

Important SAP notes at a  glance: 
2281599 - SAP Remote Support Guideline
984434 - How to speed up customer incident processing

The BI/BW environment already covers many different areas and products, each requiring different (sets of) connections for analysis.
The below table provides a rough overview  of the most important connections for a specific problem area. If you are not sure about which connections to open in regards to your issue click at the links below (Area boxes) to see the most common scenarios for each tool/area.

Overview Table

User Provisioning

1773689 - How to add logon credentials securely to an incident - SAP ONE Launchpad (Support Portal)

As a best practice and to attend security requirements, we ask you to create a specific user for each incident you have, named as the incident number.
Eg., when you have incident 123456/2016 create the user SAP_123456 or OSS_123456 so support people can immediately identify which user must be taken for login.

...Explanation of required authorizations.

LOP - Line Opener Program

LOP enables SAP to open service connections to your systems independently but in a controlled way, avoiding further inquiries to you on that topic. This feature avoids interaction/effort of the customer's basis team and speeds up incident processing.

797124 - LOP - Line Opener Program

Common issues


    • Error: route permission denied (Eg. from SAPSERV1 to
      Location: SAProuter on <customer SAProuter>

Entry to resolve the example error above:

Please add the following entry in the saprouttab of your SAProuter if there is no router password missing here to access:

     P     SAPSERV1     8080

When you make changes to saprouttab please run "saprouter -n" to reload the new saprouttab.


Description of solution in SAP Note 1178546

  • Error: partner not reached (...)
    Location: SAProuter on sapserv# 
    Error: service '' in use 
    connection to host 'x.x.x.x', service 3299 timed out
    timeout occured

Description of solution in SAP Note 1178624

  • Error: internal error
    Location: SAProuter on sapserv# 

Description of solution in SAP Note 1178628

  • Error: connection to partner broken"
    Error: partner not reached (...)
    Location: SAProuter on <customer SAProuter>"

Description of solution in SAP Note 1178631

  • Error: SNC processing failed

Description of solution in SAP Note 1178684


  • User not in validity date

  • No/expired user in secure area

  • No router password in secure area



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