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Links and information about the certifications offered by SAP in the BI Space. Common questions regarding BI certification are addressed and relevant links provided. 

 There are lots of question floating arounds related to BI certification. This Wiki is for those who has already thought of taking the exam. If you are still

doubtfull, check here:

SAP provides three levels of Certification in BI.

 For more details, check here : 

Foe more details, check here :

For more details, check here :

These certification exams vary in their level of difficulties and different pattern. For example:C_TBW45_04S will have 80 questions to be answerd in 3 hours whereas C_TBW45_70 will have 90

question in 3 hours. Also, you will get partial credit in the former but no such privileges in later exam.

             There are no better study materials than TBWs. Which all TBWs to be read, check the syallabus here:

These can be downloaded from Internet. Besides these TBWs, there are some important links - which is listed below:

Simulation Test:

Some Important Documents on SDN: 

Threads Related to Certification:




Miscellaneous Links:



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