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Important Updates on the BI Java Patch Delivery Process as of SPS 14

We have seen in the latest months some doubts regarding the BI Java Patch Delivery Process, which only patches in the newest SPS are produced and its compatibilities.

The general rule is note 1163789 (SAP NetWeaver 7.0: BI Java Synchronized Patch Delivery Strategy) that states the SPS compatibility as only the three latest SPS. For example, if the latest patch is on SPS 18, the rule would be SPS 18 - 2 = SPS 16. Thus, only SPS 16, 17 and 18 are able to work with this patch.

Exceptions to this rule can be allowed, but only will be supported by SAP after development feedback on the specific SP and patches combination for each system. 

Please refer to the Compatibility Matrix to check if your system is according to the rule and if you need to think about an upgrade.

For EHP 1 the same rules apply as of Support Package Stack 3 (Note 1391286).

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