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This wiki page illustrates possible problems that one may face during BI 7.0 upgradation along with the solutions provided by SAP from EDW perspective.

Note: The below addressed issues are pertaining to post upgradation but not after migration to 7.0

During the upgradation phase, proper checks need to be performed to maintain the consistency of all BI objects;

Check BI 7.0 Upgrade checks.

Issues with DSO/ODS activation:

"Activation of M records from Data Store object (DSO technical name) terminated

Data package already saved in change log"

During the activation process, the data will be moved from new table (Activation Queue) to active table and change log.

But,in this case the data still persists in the new table and during the next activation step, it will try to write the same records to active table*.*


  •   Note 1144998 - Incorrect data for DataStores with option "Unique records*"*

"Table /BI*/A (DSO technical name) 40 unknown

Error has occurred in RSDRO_UPDATE_ODS (DSO technical name) RSAU 499"


  • Note 920420 - Conversion of DataStore objects not successful
  • Note 861890 - ODS tables disappear during the upgrade

"Error during update of data records for data package and "Time limit exceeded".

No return of the split processes..."


  • Note 1118205 - RSODSO_SETTINGS Maintain runtime parameter of DataStore obj.
  • Note 1042827 - BI 7.0 (SP14): DataStore object - Batch Manager
  • Note 1067225 - BI 7.0 (SP15) DataStore default settings are not applied

"ODS activation failing with a short dump - SAPSQL_EMPTY_TABNAME


Version of Change Log (*Transfer structure name*) invalid refer to table RSTSOD

Error while calculating tables for Data Store (DSO technical name)"


This is because there is more than one version of a PSA/change log for each DSO.

Program RSAR_RSTSODS_CHANGELOG_VRS part of up gradation activity should delete old change log versions, if unsuccessful will face aforementioned short dump.

  • Note 1135256 - Change log versioned (repair tool for SAP DEV Support only)
  • Note 974184 - Error when activating ODS data (RSAR 535)

"Error while inserting data records for data package                    

Data records already saved in the active table"

This is because of duplicate records in the active table.

Option1: Identify and delete the duplicate request, and then try re-activating.

Option2: If the DSO has unique status flagged, uncheck it.Try activating the requests.
Later reset the unique flag.

"Activation of empty requests fails with

Saving consolidated aggregation data was terminated"


  • Note 1081423 - No activation or rollback due to missing aggregation behav.

Unable to delete a request from DSO

"Requests can't be deleted from DSO. In SM37 the deletion job finishes, however in the job log it will show:                                                                            

Server group (for roll back): No Server Group configured

No batch process available"


  • Note 1007717 -Deleting from Data Store object: Termination w/o log
  • Note 998704 - Deleting req from DataStore obj: Status at end of processing
  • Note 1037507 - System Termination when you delete from DataStore objects
  • Note 995237 -Check for empty RSODSACTDATA during activation

"Deletion of an empty request which was activated in BW 3.x leads to following error:

        Aggregation behavior of the InfoObjects not found"


  • Note 1081423 - No activation or rollback due to missing aggregation behav.

Issues with Process chain:

"Process chain scheduling to the present day using date and time feature in maintain variant >change scheduling,actually schedules it for next day."


  • Note 1016317 - SP13:PC: Start type 'Date & time' gets scheduled wrong

"Process chain scheduling results in dump- ABAP/4 processor: MESSAGE_TYPE_X"


In the short dump analysis, the process fails at function module

  • Note 948189 - P9:PSA: Dump in the RSS2_PSA_NEW_OLD_DS function module

"Process chain maintenance transaction (RSPC) results in dump"


  • Note 946481 - Short dump in process chains, InfoSet maintenance, data flow

"Opening an info source goes for dump"


  • Note 989923 - P11:DWWB: InfoSource overview returns short dump in DWWB/AWB

Data load failures:

"The major problem just after the up gradation that one has to encounter is Data source replication"


Use T-code RSDS for mass replication

Data source      : Enter as *(It will replicate all the data sources related to the mentioned  Source system)

Source system   : Enter the source system name

And then activate transfer rules using RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE ALL

"Error generating program"

This is because transfer structure is not activate


Replicate the data source and activating the transfer rules.

"SQL error in the database when accessing a table"


Try re-running the load by reducing the Data packet size

"Extraction job fails in the source system.In the source system job log it shows:

No Authorization for info cube / data source (Data source name)"


Check for missing authorizations in SU53 and communicate with your security team

"Error when reading from the PSA"

  • Note 849857 - Potential data loss in PSA/change log

"In a Persistent Staging Area (PSA) process, multiple requests from multiple InfoPackages are posted. If these requests update data in the same data targets, the system issues message RSM 821
Request & is already available in InfoCube/DSO &; Not added".

  •  Note 1136000 - P18:PC:PSA: Error in PSA process for multiple InfoPackages

Other Helpful OSS note: 

  • Note 1055827 - P15:PC: Restarting loading processes in background and dump



Important OSS notes :

Note 955990 - BI in SAP NetWeaver 7.0: Incompatibilities with SAP BW 3.x

Note 948003 - Corrections to Data Warehousing Workbench BI7.0 (SP09)