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1 - Installation

In order to schedule workbooks in BI Launchpad and CMC, it is necessary to install Analysis for Office BIP ADD-ON.

Read chapter "To install the Analysis BI platform Add-On for Scheduling for the Analysis Plug-in" in the Administrator Guide available in for the prerequisites and installation procedure of AO BIP ADD-ON. Below are the prerequisites mentioned in Administrator's Guide:

- Administrative rights
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher
- BI platform 4.1 SP5 or higher
- Workbooks saved on BI platform with file format .xlsx or .xlsm.
- 64-bit operating system
- Adaptive Job Server is installed


  1. Download the latest version of AO BIP ADD-ON. Refer to SAP note 1518359 and Wiki page
  2. Log on to BIP node on Windows (with admin rights)
  3. Execute setup.exe
    • The installer checks if the prerequisites are met
  4. Select the setup language
  5. Accept the destination folder
    • The folder is entered automatically and cannot be changed
    • The Add-On must be installed in the BusinessObjects folder in the Windows explorer
  6. Select Full Installation for Scheduling Service
  7. Log on to BI platform as administrator
  8. After the installation, go to the CMC and choose Servers > Core Services
  9. Select Properties in the context menu of the Adaptive Job Server
  10. In the section Analysis Scheduling Service, enter the path to the BI platform Add-On installation.
    • For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Analysis Precalculation\BiPrecalculation.exe
  11. Select Restart Server in the context menu of the Adaptive Job Server

2 - Usage

Check all the restrictions described in chapter "Precalculation Restrictions" in the User Guide available on the link

- The setting Refresh Workbook on Opening is ignored.
- The setting Force Prompt for Initial Refresh is ignored.
- If the workbook is in protected mode, it is not precalculated.
- SAP formulas concatenating other SAP formulas are not precalculated.
- Excel formulas are not precalculated.
- VBA macros are not executed during precalculation.
- Icons are ignored, for example arrows in conditional formats.
- Comments are ignored.

Note that the connection to BI platform and BW / HANA system must be configured as SSO to schedule an Analysis workbook.

2.1 - How to enter the prompt values when scheduling Analysis Workbooks in BI platform

Refer to SAP note below:

>> 2979389 - How to enter the variable values when scheduling Analysis Workbooks in BI platform

2.2 - The scheduled workbook shows message: "Size limit of result set exceeded"

  • This message is shown if report retrieves too much data from the backend.

  • The scheduling default limit is 500.000 data cells for the result set.
  • With ResultSetSizeLimit parameter, maintained in file AO_BiPrecalculation.config (located in Analysis Precalculation installation folder) the default can be changed.
  • Please find further details at Analysis for Office 2.x - Data Cells Limit and Memory Consumption

3 - Troubleshooting

Go through the checklist of SAP note 2134836.

4 - Opening SAP incident

If everything is in place and still there is an issue related to installation or scheduling of Analysis workbooks, open a SAP incident under component BI-RA-AO-BIP providing the following:

  1. All the prerequisites for the installation mentioned in chapter "To install the Analysis BI platform Add-On for Scheduling for the Analysis Plug-in" in the Administrator Guide ( were checked; (YES/NO) 
  2. All the restrictions described in chapter "Precalculation Restrictions" in the User Guide ( were checked; (YES/NO)
  3. All the checklist described in SAP note 2134836 were checked; (YES/NO)
  4. What is the version and support package of your BI platform?
  5. What is the version and support package of your AO BIP ADD-ON?
  6. Can you confirm that the issue occurs in the latest version of AO BIP ADD-ON?
  7. Is the issue occurring when trying to schedule a specific workbook or it occurs for all workbooks?
  8. If the issue is workbook-specific, attach the workbook to the incident;
  9. What happens when opening the workbook in Analysis for Office client and refreshing it? Is this working?
  10. If the job is failing, go to the Instance Manager in CMC and search for the failed job. What is the error in column "Error"? Attach a screenshot to the incident;
  11. Attach to the incident the traces according to instructions of item #7 of SAP note 2134836.
  12. Attach to the incident a document with screenshots showing all the steps to reproduce the issue;
  13. For SAP remote access, the following connections may be necessary and requested:
    • HTTP connection to BI platform (see note 592085);
    • WTS connection to BOE server where AO BIP ADD-ON is installed (see note 605795);
    • R/3 connection to BW system (see note 812732); << if workbook contains BW data source
    • NI connection (see note 1718597); << if workbook contains BW data source
    • HTTP-based Tools (see notes 2056686 and 1787981); << if workbook contains HANA data source
    • SAP HANA Database (see note 1592925); << if workbook contains HANA data source

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  1. Thanks for this document! Very helpful.

    When I set up the precalculation on our system, I had Trouble with two particular Problems:

    1) The Need to enter the path to the precalculation executable in the APS.

    2) Format of variable values.

    I am still unsure about the desired Format of e.g. Dates (YYYYMMDD or MM.DD.YYYY) or - even worth - Hierarchy nodes or compounded characteristics.

    So, any update of this page regarding desired Format of variables would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Stefan,

      Thank you for the feedback and for your suggestion. I added the information in topic 2.1 about how to enter the values. You can refer to User Guide, chapter "Syntax for Entering Values".

      Regarding the date format, it should be the same as when executing the report directly in transaction RSRT or in Analysis for Office client.

      Let me know if any questions.

      Best regards,