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BI Accelerator Index Design


BI accelerator design provides information about the structure, properties and status of the BI accelerator index and its tables/indexes.

Tables that are part of the enhanced star schema of the selected InfoCube and are required in the corresponding BI accelerator index form part of the description of the BI accelerator index.

All the dimension tables of the InfoCube are required for the star schema of the BI accelerator index. The E and F fact tables of the InfoCube form one fact index. Of the master data tables, only the X and Y tables (which contain the SIDs) are required; the P and Q tables (which contain the key values) are not required. The SID tables (S tables) are required if the InfoObject has a non-numeric key.


BIA index-specific information can be displayed in BIA index maintenance and in the BI accelerator monitor.

BIA index maintenance

As soon as a BI accelerator index has been created, the system displays information about its tables and indexes on the Index Info tab page

BI accelerator monitor

If you choose BI Accelerator -> Index Information -> Display All BIA Indexes, the Information about BIA Indexes dialog box appears. The system displays all the BI accelerator indexes that exist in the system.


In the BI accelerator monitor, the system shows more information than in BIA index maintenance. The following table provides an overview of this information. * indicates that the column is displayed in BIA index maintenance as well as in the BI accelerator monitor.

Description of a BI accelerator index




Technical name of the InfoCubes for which BI accelerator indexes have been created

Object Version

Status display:
BI accelerator index is active.
BI accelerator index is not active.

Object Status

Status display:
BI accelerator index is filled.
BI accelerator index is not filled.

Table Name *

Technical name of the relevant index on the BI accelerator server. 

Table Size *

Specifies the approximate current size of the individual tables (number of data records), as calculated from the database statistics.

Index Status *

Status of index

with Delta Index *

Indicates that a delta index is being used for the BI accelerator index 

Multiple Usage *

With S, X and Y tables, this indicates that one of the tables is already being used by another BI accelerator index and therefore already exists as an index.

Last Changed By *

Name of user who made the last change.

Last Changed/Time Stamp *

Date and time of last change.

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