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This page gives a quick overview about the new master data maintenance, which was introduced with SAP BW 7.40 SP05.
With this support package, the master data maintenance has been moved from the SAP GUI to a WebDynpro application.


To be able to use the webdynpro based master data maintenance, the following services must be active in transaction SICF:

  • All services mentioned in note 1088717 and 2389051
  • /default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/RSDMDM_MD_NEW_APP (note 1969105)
  • /default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/RSDMDM_MD_MAINTENANCE_APP (note 1969105)

When the mentioned services are not active, the following error is displayed in the browser:


"Service cannot be reached"
"The termination occurred in system with error code 403 and for the reason Forbidden."


Instructions for manually trigger the generation of the missing ICF services:

1. Execute the report WDY_CHECK_ICF with only the indicator "Create Missing ICF Nodes" checked.
2. For an application without ICF services, the system displays a dialog box asking whether you want to create the missing service or node. For all services beginning with RSDMDM* choose "Yes". For all other nodes, choose "No". The system prompts you for a transport request. While the report activates the new objects in the current system, you must manually activate them in a target system.
3. Call transaction SICF to manually activate the ICF services (hierarchy type SERVICE).
4. In the tree structure, go to "default_host -> sap -> bc -> webdynpro -> sap".
5. Activate all services whose names begin with RSDMDM* by clicking these services with the secondary mouse button, and choosing "Activate Service".

Important notes

The recommendation is always to apply all of the mentioned notes, when there are problems with the WebDynpro based master data maintenance.

Possible symptoms/features covered by the notes:

    • New time intervals for time-dependent attributes result in duplicate text entries
    • Texts are not always displayed sorted
    • The tables of the time-independent data, time-dependent data, and texts are not always kept synchronous. 
    • The usage check for the local characteristics does not find all usages in the workspace of local providers.
    • Values of compound local characteristics whose compounding parent is also a local characteristic are not saved with the parent. 
    • Deleted values cannot be added again without saving.
    • Pure text values are now displayed, including without entries in the master data tables.
    • In the guided activity, the deletion of the last entry in a table results in an exception.
    • The usage check for local characteristics is not executed.
    • The local characteristic has a local characteristic as its compound parent if a local characteristic is defined for the master parent in the same workspace. 
    • The guided activity confirmation screen is not displayed.
    • There is no way of displaying values without master data.
    • CTRL+S saves the HTML file instead of the master data. 
    • The deletion of CHAVLs has been reworked
    • You can now delete CHAVLs in the background as well
    • You can navigate to the application log
    • You can display the master data of virtual InfoObjects
    • The scrolling problems with large tables have been corrected
    • The KEY_FIELD_INITIAL error no longer occurs with new lines
    • The handling of compound keys has been improved
    • The UI generation of the single record view has been revised.
    • Functions for applying data and canceling the function have been implemented for single record maintenance.
    • The number of visible columns in the tables has been reduced so that values are not truncated.
    • Column grouping has been eliminated. As a result, you can move or hide individual columns. The color coding of the keys has been retained.
    • The dump that occurred when using the language as a selection criterion has been rectified.
    • If you copy the language key to the selection, a dump occurs in the application as soon as you execute the selection.
    • The UI generation of the single record view has been revised.
    • An error when you save InfoObjects that contain only texts and no other master data has been corrected.
    • The CHAVL authorization check was not carried out correctly.
    • The UI generation of the single record view has been revised.
    • An error when you save InfoObjects that contain only texts and no other master data has been corrected.
    • The CHAVL authorization check was not carried out correctly.
    • In InfoObject master data maintenance, you want to use the guided activity to define a key for which not all key fields are filled. However, the system does not permit empty key fields.
    • Column width can be adjusted via Drag & Drop
    • Settings are saved for InfoObjects individually
    • Columns are not forced to full width
    • Sorting of coluns is adjusted
    • Search Help in the Customizing has been corrected
    • Input box for single values has a limited length
    • When you insert data into a table through the clipboard, the system could convert data with type date and time incorrectly.
    • Inserting data into a table through the clipboard sometimes caused a termination.
    • An error that occurred when generating the data sources was corrected (an error occurred when parsing a dynamic value).
    • An error in InfoObjects with conversion routines has been corrected.
    • InfoObjects in a namespace caused an error when starting master data maintenance.
    • DATEFROM was considered a key field for time-dependent data.
    • Leading zeros were removed, as in the old master data maintenance transaction.
    • The conversion overflow for NUMC InfoObjects was corrected.
    • For local characteristics, the locally overwritten values for global CHAVLs can be deleted.
    • The UI for XXL attributes has been improved.
    • An error that occurred when uploading files has been corrected.

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