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This page contains information and help to avoid problems during the transport of BW objects. This is a general guide.

Import ALL

This section contains a list of consulting and correction notes, which should be implemented and considered, before the IMPORT ALL method is used on BW objects.

Correction notes

  • 2186695 Phantom error when deleting transformations during transport
  • 2248845 Incorrect AIM execution: No repeated activation of successfully processed objects does not work during parallel AIM processing
  • 2277610 IMPORT ALL: Falscher Auftrag enthält das Import All AIM Log, wenn der erste Auftrag der Queue unverarbeitete TLOGO Objekte enthält
  • 2340216 IMPORT_ALL: No erroneous objects in the Import All Log if the background job ab

Consulting notes

  • 1115759 Error during import of BI objects with "Import all"

  • 1385869 Parallel execution of BI after-import methods

  • 1556801 Restrictions for IMPORT ALL in relation to BW objects

  • 1626202 Control of after import processing in the case of errors

  • 1934939 CX_SY_IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERROR dump during XPRA of a transport or during upgrade (Diesen KBA referiert an RSO781, TRKORR_NO_1 usw Problemen)

  • 2042927 Incorrect AIM execution: No repeated activation of successfully processed objec


This section contains a brief list of steps, which should be performed before BW objects are transported. The majority of the transport related errors can be avoided by following the defined steps.

Important correction notes

It is highly suggested to apply all notes in the below list in the whole landscape:

  • 1801189 RSTRAN_ROUT_RSFO_CHECK also for OBJVERS = T
  • 2080574 Mass activation programs unintentionally load generated programs into main memo
  • 2082445 Transport DSO: Imported M version not repaired

  • 2085793 Warning or error control no longer works for message RSTRAN 401
  • 2108084 RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE enhancement/erroneous check of system changeability
  • 2108561 Runtime object of transformation in RTO case, standard as of BW 7.40, no single
  • 2125734 Program RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE sets incorrect transformations to inactive without r
  • 2133524 Transport: AIM RS_TRCS_AFTER_IMPORT log contains errors from the previously
  • 2144327 730SP14: Short dump during After Import of Transformation/DTPs
  • 2148951 730SP14: Short dump during after Import of SPO
  • 2169012 t-logo-specific setting as per consulting note 1919603 deactivates AIM parallel
  • 2184390 730SP14: RSLPO_CHECK 250/256 during Activation or after Import processing of SP
  • 2191288 Transformation runtime program created without routines or formulas in rare cas
  • 2202140 SP35:RSTRAN_ROUT_RSFO_CHECK checks on system changability
  • 2204227 Transport: Error RSTRAN 401 in RS_TRFN_AFTER_IMPORT due to obsolete TRCS instan
  • 2217738 Dump "CX_RS_NO_CHECK" during transport
  • 2197343 Performance: SPO transport/activation: *_I, *_O, transformation only regenerate
  • 2222363 730SP15: Packaged wise activation of Transformation
  • 2224752 730SP15: Dump 'CX_RS_NO_CHECK' during Transport of DTPs/Transformations
  • 2275532 Transportlog for InfoObjects is empty, if the transport contains at least one key figure
  • 2277610 IMPORT ALL: Wrong transport request contains the AIM Import all Log, if the first request of the queue contains non processed TLOGO objects
  • 2339911 730SP17: MESSAGE_TYPE_X during check of routines in transformations
  • 2362048 Parallel DTP after import does not process all objects
  • 2410043 adso: Missing messages for AFTER_IMPORT

If the target system of the transport has a HANA Database, then the following notes should also be applied:

Important consulting notes

It is highly suggested to follow the instructions of the consulting notes below, before the transport is done:

  • 1691096 Transport of InfoCubes from and to SAP HANA database
  • 1801309 Dump in CL_RSO_TLOGO_PERSISTENCY during the transport / RSO663 / RSO252
  • 1825991 Transformation not updated after transport (RSDS400, RSDS401, RSBK260)
  • 1919603 Parallelization of BW TLOGO after import processing
  • 1923709 Transport of BW source system dependent objects and transaction SM59
  • 1934939 CX_SY_IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERROR dump during XPRA of a transport or during upgrade
  • 1965709 Transport InfoPackage overwrites executable version, warning RSAR485 in transpo
  • 2082093 Performance issue when activating or transporting transformations
  • 2117773 Transformation is not deleted in complex landscape
  • 2149282 Cross-release transports of BW metadata
  • 2194514 STACK_NO_ROLL_MEMORY dump / bad performance during the activation of an SPO
  • 2214718 MESSAGE_TYPE_X / OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED dump when a rule is changed to typ
  • 2217533 DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR when transporting transformation
  • 2355737 Transformations missing after transporting a DataFlow Object

  • 2432237 Impact handling for transformations

Manual steps

  • RSLOGSYSMAP: This table must be maintained properly if source system dependent objects are transported. See note 1825991 for further reference.
  • RSTRAN_ROUT_RSFO_CHECK: If the transport contains transformations this program should be executed in all systems of the landscape to check the consistency of the transformations. It should be executed for all transformations for A and M versions as well.
  • RSTPRFC: During the transport of Process Chains for example, this transaction must be maintained properly. Note 659160 contains additional information in this regard.
  • RSDRI_CONVERT_CUBE_TO_INMEMORY: During the transport of HANA Optimized InfoCubes, when the transported cube in the target system is not converted, it must first be transported to avoid any kind of errors. The note 1691096 contains details about the transport of such objects.
  • PSA consistency: During the transport of DataSources it is essential, that the PSA-s for already existing DataSources is consistent. Therefore before the transport is carried out, it is suggested to perform a consistency check for ALL PSA-s. This can be done with the following tools/programs:
    RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY (note 1150724 and 2132264)
    RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DEFINITION (note 2191080 and 1150724)
    RS_PSA_PART_HIGH_VALUE_CHECK (note 1762200 and 2224891)
  • RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST: This program can be used to check the general consistency of a transport request. It checks for example if dependent objects are also on the same transport. The note  1801262 contains additional information in this topic.


With the help of the method described at the page "AFTER IMPORT debugging in BW" its possible to perform further troubleshooting by debugging the after import procedure.

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