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RSHIEDIR - central hierarchy administration table which contains all relevant information f.e. technical hierarchy name, HIEID, version, time-validity etc. If the hierarchy is versiont/time dependent, the system generates an entry for each version/time-interval → each version of a hierarchy determined by the version/time-interval gets its own hierarchy-ID (HIEID). If the hierarchy has a time dependent hierarchy structure, only one entry (only one HIEID) is generated in table RSHIEDIR (with DATEFROM = INITIAL and DATETO = 31.12.9999).

RSRHIEDIR_OLAP - this table is used by OLAP to identify a hierarchy. OLAP does not use the technical name, version and key date of a hierarchy. Instead HIESID- and SVER-values contained in this table define the hierarchy unambiguously.

/BI*/I<IOBJNM> - I-table of the infoobject on which the hierarchy is based. The I-table contains the hierarchy structure of each hierarchy-version in table RSRHIEDIR_OLAP (HIESID- and SVER-values are used) specifying predecessor and successor of each node/leaf using SID-values instead of keys, since OLAP only uses SIDs. The SID of a node is always negative, the SID of a leaf is positive.

/BI*/K<IOBJNM> - K-table of the infoobject on which the hierarchy is based. The K-table is the hierarchy node table which contains the SID-values (negative) for all hierarchy-nodes. The hierarchy is determined using the HIESID-value found in table RSRHIEDIR_OLAP.

/BI*/H<IOBJNM> - H-table of the infoobject on which the hierarchy is based. The H-table also shows the hierarchy-structure but more like it is displayed in transaction RSH1 containing fields like NODENAME (not the SID), DATETO and DATEFROM.

/BI*/J<IOBJNM> - the J-table contains the intervals (if supported) maintained in the hierarchy.

RSTHIERNODE - text table for text nodes.

RSRHIEDIR_TIMDEP - this table contains the time periods in which a time-dependant hierarchy changes

RSDRHLRUBUFFER - bookkeeping table for temporary 02-hierarchy-tables

RSDRHTREXBUFFER - bookkeeping table for temporary 08-tables used by Hana and BWA

RSDCHABAS - this table contains the infoobject properties of a characteristic

RSDCHATHJ - this table contains the original and the associated info-objects for THJ

RSHIERTHJT (and RSHIERTHJTTXT) - contains derivation of key date for THJ

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  1. Dear Mr Stockinger,

    in which table can i find Hierachy information used in a Query?

    To extract data to a external system we need node information. we have defined a Query including a Infoobject with a hierarchy. The node information is stored correct in structure for export. To extract the texts we need to knew the name of hierarchy maintained in the infoobject of this Query. we need to have this information to select the value direct in a program.

    Can you help me?

    Kind regards,

    Andreas Förner

  2. Dear Mr Förner,

    the entire query definition is saved in various tables which all have the prefix RSZ. When you e.g. use a characteristic in a query in the rows/columns, it gets an ID assigned (ELTUID) which you also can find in the QueryDesigner under the tab 'Extended'. When you enter this ID in the table RSZELTPROP, you can find there all properties of this query element. E.g. the fields HIENM, VERSION DATETO contain information to the hierarchy. In case you use a hierarchy node restriction in a restricted key figure, you would need to check the table RSZRANGE. Since queries can be very complex, in general it might be not straight forward to determine the correct ELTUID.

    with best regards,