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SAP Online Documentation

SAP Notes

  • 2715030 - Considerations when using SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Live Connections in SAC
  • 2395407 - Spatial Delivery Units for SAP Analytics Cloud

Important Points

Technical Attribut 1GEOPOINT

In the JSON Request captured in a har file geo requests can be identified with the attribut 1GEOPOINT.

For this attributes the coordinates can be used in filtering or returning a result.

Shadow Table

A Shadow table is created and filled when new master data is loaded

In an ST05 trace the access to the Shadow Tables is visible.


Definition and uploading of a geo characteristic in the BW system

Geo Information Added

Use the geo characteristic in aDSO and Query

Create a model on the query in SAC and create a Story with Canvas page and add the Geo Widget



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