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'Classic' BW Query based on CDS Cube with Parameter 

In the following we discuss the possibility to create a BW query on top a CDS cube(see CDS views: HowTo use in BW contexts ) which uses a parameter. 

CDS Cube

Adhoc Query in RSRT

When we run the so called adhoc query in RSRT, a corresponding generated variable popup appears which has to be filled in.

In transaction RSRTS_ODP_DIS we can check the details of the transient CDS Provider, e.g. there we can find the technical name of the parameter on the BW Provider level:

BW Modeling Tool

When you want to define a BW query on such a CDS Cube, you need to activate the function'Search for TransientProvider' in order to be able to search for CDS Providers:

The parameter can only be used to define fixed filters, otherwise you get the following error(BRAIN 409):

We define a BW variable based on the parameter and use it in the Fixed Values section:

When we run the query in RSRT, the variable popup appears which has to be filled with a value.

In case query isn't restricted regarding the CDS parameter it terminates(BRAIN 470):

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