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An archiving run for BWREQARCH is considered to be finished, if the deletion phase finished properly and its status is:

'X': Archive Written Successfully and Deleted from Database

This can be evaluated in transaction RSREQARCH:


Important notes

Generally all notes, where the string 'REQARCH' exists in the short text should be implemented. The notes listed in this section are essentially needed for the BW Request Archiving to work properly and stable:

  • 2151211 P35:REQARCH: Problems occur with "For All Entries"
  • 2076637 P34: SARA: BWREQARCH: Unnecessarily long wait in write job

  • 2037429 P34: REQARCH: Archiving only non-existing requests
  • 1934123 P33; REQARCH: Request faking generates too many RSMONMESS entries
  • 1836262 P10: REQARCH: DTP: Dump for condense in delete report/Duprec
  • 1727957 P30:REQARCH: FAKE reports destroy RSREQDONE entries

To get a full list of notes, which provide corrections for this feature, the Support Launchpad 'REQARCH' can be used:

Write phase

RSAR051 "Archive run not yet completed: XXX"

Alternatively the message is: Archive run not completed  XXXXXX-001BWREQARCH R-ARC:X.
This message in the joblog of the write phase indicates, that at least one of the previous runs was not finished properly. Depending on the status of the mentioned run, different actions are needed.

  1. 'W': Archive in Write Phase
    In this case the write step was cancelled. Until this failed run is not reset, no new runs can be exeucted. To reset a previous run, the program  RSREQARCH_RESET_REQUESTS is needed. This can reset a previous run and also the archiving flag for already processed requests.
    This program was delivered with note 1077394.
  2. 'D': Archive in Delete Phase (Deletion from Database)
    In this case the deletion phase was cancelled in a previous run. One of the following options can make the unfinished archiving run consistent:
    1. The deletion phase should be restarted with program RSREQARCH_DELETE. This will repeat the deletion and the archive will have a consistent status.
    2. If for some reason the deletion doesn't work, the request information from the archive file can be reloaded with the program RSREQARCH_RELOAD_FROM_D_ARCHIV.
      The program is delivered with note 1751838. This program should ONLY be used, if the deletion phase cannot be started.



Follow the instructions from the SAP Knowledge Base Article:


Deletion phase


The dump above happens in class CL_RSBK_REQUEST_STATE and the error text is:
"Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible "

To avoid the dump, follow the instructions from note:

2034657 Archiving job fails with OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO dump

Too many entries in table RSBMONMESS_DTP, RSBMREQ_DTP, RSBMLOGPAR_DTP even the requests have been archvied


SAP note 2239379

 SAP note 2177801



The mentioned dump happens in the function module RSREQARCH_RELOAD_REQUEST at the following place:

do 30 times.
  call function 'ENQUEUE_ERSREQARCH'
  if l_enq is initial.
    message x051(rsar) with l_s_ctrl-archive_name l_subrc i_rnr.

To avoid this dump, follow the instructions from note:

1982940 MESSAGE_TYPE_X because a BWREQARCH archive is locked by another process

Useful consulting notes

  • 2069551 Archive DTP Request in Table RSBM*
  • 1993537 Archiving run is not reducing entries from request tables
  • 1909684 Archivation of Request Administration Data (Tables RS*DONE and RSMON*)
  • 1812238 #Archive File Not Accessible# in SARA (no backup available)
  • 1533774 Consulting REQARCH: Number of records in the spool