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BW 3.x:

- before you use table RSDDSTAT you must activate the BW Statistics: RSA1 -> Tools -> BW Stats for InfoProviders

- can collect stats for OLAP (frontend) & for Loading (WHM backend)

- make sure that you have stats checked for ALL InfoProviders that you are querying on

- all RSDDSTAT tbls get updated when BW stats are switched on

- all RSDDSTAT tbls feed into the ST03 monitor 

BI 7.x:

- to activate statistics goto tcode RSA1 .. Tools ... Settings for BI Stats 

-- set stats for Query- set stats for InfoProvider (as per 3.x)

- set stats for Web Template- set stats for Workbook 


RSDDSTAT* predefined views & tables in BI 7.x:


-- Detail Table for Aggregate Setup


-- Detail Table of Navigation for each InfoCube/Query


-- view containing data from the events from the areas for the front end and calculation layer of the analytic engine (Front End/OLAP)

-- similar to old 3.x one but now has different breakdown for OLAP time

-- SESSIONID: when you start your session (i.e. run the query)

-- STEPUID: when you do something different (i.e. navigate)#

-- Events ID 9000-9011: more info for QTIMEDB
-- Events ID 3000-3999: more info for QOLAPTIME


-- type of steps

-- BEX, BEX3, BRCS (broadcasting), EXTN (external read), JAVA, MDX


-- combines Handle & Step type

-- helps to identify where the time is being spent 


-- Statistics DataManager for Query execution

-- view containing data from the events from the area for the aggregation layer and analytic engine (Data Manager).

-- gives the detail of the DB access

-- get the STEPID of the RSDDSTAT_OLAP entry with Event ID = 9000 (DBTIME)

-- look STEPID up in RSDDSTAT_DM- gives the InfoProvider its reading

-- gives the aggregate being used- if $__ in AGGREGATE => BIA is being used

-- TABLTP: which fact table is being used- TIMEREAD: time spent reading- WP_ID: which work process is being used 


-- Warehouse management statistics

-- time it takes to do a load 


-- InfoCube Compression


-- InfoCube Deletions


-- InfoCube Writes


-- Business Content Activation Statistics


-- Data on Condensing Run InfoCube


-- Time of last delta load