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BW Tips and trick series - Episode # 1
Dear BW Friends!!

Let us take this knowledge sharing tradition ahead and I hope most of you will share your expertise in terms of tips and tricks on SDN. 

Background :-

The idea is to provide simple Tips and tricks that would help a BW consultant doing his job. The intention is not to replace existing content of blogs and articles but to provide short and sweet tips that would help entire BW community.Some tips may be very simple for experts but those will be useful for BW starters!! Also I hope that it would avoid the repeated SDN threads being posted on these topics.
So we start this series with 1st Episode on data load errors and corrections.
Tips and Tricks - Data Load failures - #1

  • Data load failure error - data source need to be replicated since timestamps of data source are different and do not match.

In this case, find out the data source in tree using transaction RSA1-> source system-> display data source tree-> use find button and then right mouse click on data source and select Replicate metadata.
Once replication is successfully completed then we need to activate transfer rules. For this use transaction SE38 and execute program rs_transtru_activate_all
In next screen provide source system name and connected info source name (for data source) and execute. This will fix the error data source need to be replicated

  •  Data load failure short dump  - TIME_OUT 

Consider scenario when you are loading transaction data and it keeps running and hence the status of data load request remains yellow for long time. But if you check in short dumps list in transaction ST22 then you may find a short dump with runtime error as TIME_OUT
In this case, please check if there are any bugs with the coding in update rules / start routine where the system is performing loops indefinitely. If there is no bug and this code is running fine in test system then it is volume of data records that are taking more time and hence resulting into short dump of TIME_OUT.  So first make sure that you are loading this request via PSA. If not then you can carry out new data load using PSA option. Then you can delete this error request from data target and maintain technical status as green. Now use the reconstruct option either from data target or from PSA tree  you can schedule the data load in background. Now the data load is successful since using background process,  it complete the data upload into data target while earlier since it was happening in dialogue mode, system gave short dump TIME_OUT. One more option is to increase  the values of parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time . But I would not recommend this since it impacts the whole system so please consult your Basis consultant for this. 

  • Data load failure error - No SID found for certain data record.

Consider scenario when you are loading transaction data and it is failed due to error like No SID found for certain info object in a data record.
In this case, you need to check if the master data for that info object is loaded or not. If it is not loaded then you need to first load the master data and activate it. Once this is complete then you can manually update the data package that had failed in earlier data load or you can carry out the complete new data load.