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SAP Consulting Notes

  • 2120776 - UOM: Performance Tips&Tricks
  • 990464 - Quantity conversion, blank source unit of measure
  • 1015032 - * not shown for mixed units if all cells are zero cells
  • 667288  - Unit or currency for key figures with value 0
  • 2895368 - BW Queries: Rounding of Quantity Key Figures
  • 1349079 - Quantity conversion & currency translation in BI
  • 1449073 - Performance improvement for quantity conversion
  • 1500503 - BI quantity conversion: Access optimization
  • 1482307 - UoM for characteristic, buffering, 2nd index for SID column 
  • 1006167 - Quantity conv, consistency check, base unit of measure, rsrv
  • 866505 - Unwanted rounding of units T006-ANDEC


  • Example I:  Determining Conversion Factor by using reference InfoObject
  • Example II: If available, Conversion Factor is determined by using reference InfoObject, otherwise T006 used

Important to know

  • Quantity values should be posted with a unit. A quantity of 1000 without a unit associated is inconsistent data. Review the data model and key figure type or the data flow filling the proivder and make sure, units are provided. For exceptional cases, you can use the RSADMIN parameter OLAP_UNIT_ERROR to display a different text or the initial value. This parameter was introduced with SAP note 622004 (A query displays the unit "ERR" or currency "ERROR"). This parameter is still valid in releases 7.x.
  • Using UOM in an DTP or in planning functions allows extra flags:

    • Allow initial source value in the transformation and planning function

      • 1079139 - Allowing initial source values in the transformation

    • No Conversion if factor not found (transformation and planning function)

      • 1495146 - No conversion if factors do not exist

  • RSUOM 054: conversion for units with different dimensions is not supported. See document for FM UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE. ABAP CDS function UNIT_CONVERSION works in the same way.


SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline


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