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A new option, the HANA view generation, has been introduced with BW BW 7.4 SP05, where it is possible to trigger the generation (and re-generation) directly during the BW object activation, i.e. the HANA view is part of the BW object life cycle and the fact that a BW object has a dependent HANA view is part of its metadata (which can be delivered, transported etc.). Additionally, the HANA Analytic Privileges are automatically mapped against the BW Analysis Authorizations at query runtime and updated as part of the BW life cycle management.

In general the generation of HANA views in BW on BW data has been introduced as interface for stand-alone datamarts. This means that HANA views are generated for dedicated scenarios only, which have to be selected explicitly. It is not possible to handle the impact of changes in case views for all kinds of objects in a BW system would be generated and even further consumer would use these. Hana views points directly to the data and tables managed by BW. This enables HANA-native consumption of BW data.

It should be clear that the generated external BW HANA views are limited and cannot expose all semantics defined and available in BW. Properties which are are not supported are available in the online documentation (see below)


Online documentation:

Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW System

Authorizations for Generating SAP HANA Views

SAP note with questions and answers: SAP note 2317197



Provides an overview of all BW objecs with enabled "External SAP HANA view". It can also be used as a single point of entry as you can navigate to all other transactions. Details what can be checked and which information is visible are available here.


Before starting to work with BW external HANA view the according content HANA package should be assigned, assignment type und user mapping should maintained accordingly. Details are available here.


Provides the possiblity to check general settings. It is recommended to use this transaction and their checks in case you get an error during the generation of the external BW HANA view.

This transaction will be updated in case an automatic check has been developed. Details are available here.





Supported objects

BW ObjectAnalytic ViewAttribute ViewCalculation View Details
ADSO  X online documentation
DSOX X(if NLS enabled or extended table) online documentation
SAP HANA optimized-CUBEX X(if NLS enabled)online documentation 
QueryProviderX   online documentation
New CompositeProviders (created with the ABAP in Eclipse Modeler) and

local CompositeProviders in the BW Workspace.


online documentation

online documentation

 InfoObjectX (as infoprovider)  X  online documentation
 Query   X online documentation


With BW 7.50 it is possible to generate Calculation Views for all objects, if you execute the steps available in SAP note 2236064.
According to this note it is necessary to add an entry into table  RS2HANA_VIEW_SET.

Afterwards reset the table buffer by executing $TAB RS2HANA_VIEW_SET oder /$SYNC).

There is no report or view available to insert or change the entry (see SAP note 2252122 ) but with support package 5 for BW 7.50 you have the possiblity to maintain the entry by transaction RS2HANA_VIEW.  




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