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Online documentation:

restriction according to the online documentation:
*Non-cumulative numbers are only supported in the SAP HANA view for queries.
*Non-cumulative range key figures are not available in an SAP HANA view.

 Important notes

Note number includes additional information (not only Code correction)
2032830External SAP HANA view: Inventory key figures (non-cumulative key figures)Consulting note which includes recommendation and will be enhanced in case of changes
2224916External SAP HANA view: Non-cumulative key figures with exception aggregationX
2233537External SAP HANA view for Query: variable time restriction for non-cumulativeX
2256645 External SAP HANA view for Query: inventory key figure performanceX


Example concerning time restriction and variable restriction on 0CALDAY

According to SAP Note 2233537: If a variable is used to restrict a time characteristic, restrict at least one different time characteristic with a constant filter only.

E.g. if the infoprovider includes 0CALYEAR define the boundaries where the inventory key figures shall be calculated with an interval filter or single value.

0CALYEAR: [ 2010 - 2019 ]
0CALDAY: [ Var1 - Var2 ]  => Use two variables with an interval filter on the finest available time characteristics. Use the variables to restrict the result set instead of using 0CALDAY in the WHERE clause to optimize the performance. Instead of an interval filter also an "equals Var1" filter is fine. The variables shall be mandatory.





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