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Below table should provide an overview about which remote service connections could be required with respect to the used scenario. In order to avoid unnecessary delay in incident processing, These remote service connections should be available and correctly configured. Furthermore the Line Opener Program should be in place.

 Modeling ObjectsScenarioR/3 Support Service ConnectionSAP NI ConnectionHana Studio ConnectionWTS (Windows Terminal Server)* LOP (Line Opener Program)
BW ModelingDataStore Object (Advanced) /
Open ODS View /
Hana Composite Provider /
InfoObject (created in BW Modeling Tool)
SimpleXX  X
Bex query created in the new query designer (BW Modeling Tool)-XX  X
Hana Native ModelingAttribute / Analytic / Calculation View-  XXX

*WTS (Windows Terminal Server) connection: as an alternative to opening a SAP NI and a Hana Studio connection, a WTS connection can also be used to analyse a problem with a mixed scenario, however in this case it is required to have - on the terminal server - an installed Hana Studio with BW Modeling perspective, connected to the affected systems backend and Hana Database


Simple scenario:  in this context the simple scenario means that the affected objects in the incident consist purely of BW objects (modeled either in the BW modeling perspective of the Hana Studio or in the Data Warehousing Workbench in backend transaction RSA1)
Mixed scenario: mixed scenario means that the affected objects consist of modeling objects outside BW, directly from Hana. E.g. a composite provider using a Calculation View.

Logon Data

In case the table above indicates that a Hana Studio connection to the database is required to analyse the issue, please make sure that a separate Hana database user is maintained in the secure area.

The advantage of using the Line Opener Program

The Line Opener Program allows SAP Support Engineers to open available remote service connections on demand. This tool can help to reduce the problem resolution time significantly.

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