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This page provides an overview of all topics related to Payroll Accounting.

Frequent issues

                                            Missing Chief Position Indicator for extractor 0HR_PA_OS_1  
                                            To find inconsistencies and overlapping data in HR master data datasources

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0APPLICANT_ATTR - Applicants, source tables are listed based on the reading sequence:

PB4004 - Applicant Data Infotype 4004 (Status of Recurring Tasks)
PB0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PB0002 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
PB0006 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
PB4000 - Infotype 4000: Applicant Events
PB4005 - Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number)