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This page provides an overview of all topics related to Personnel Time Management. To understand more on 0HR_PT* extractors refer to below link.
PT Extractors in

Delta Handling

                       Delta Handling in BW PT extractors    
                       Delta for 0HR_PT_1 2 3         


                        On the 1st of each month, delta takes hours, while on other days, it takes only 5-6 minutes
                        Reason for slow performance of 0HR_PT* extractors

                        SAP Note 1562154 : Performance issues with Personal Time Management DataSources

Frequent issues

                       New employee is not extracted in delta mode. Infotype 0439 does not exist for new employees
                       Delta init without data transfer is not working     
                       0HR_PT datasources bring negative records during delta process   
                       Warning message no. HRTIM00DW022                               

Missing data

                       Missing data for some employees in delta extraction  

Other relevant topics

                      General information on HCM and PT extractors           
                      General information on 0CA_TS_IS_1 and 0CA_TS_IS_2        
                      Overview of delta for 0HR_PT_1 2 3       
                      General information on Personnel Development - Qualifications

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