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Component BW-BEX-ET-CTS is intended for handling of problems related to transport of BEx objects: queries, workbooks, web templates and so on. Mainly the potential problems relevant for this component cover PRE- and POST- transport steps: collections of objects for transport, assigning to Packages and transport request and AFTER-IMPORT procedures responsible for activation of transported objects in target systems. The page contains technical details about Correction and Transport System (CTS) in relation to BEx objects.


  • DEFINITIONS / Term and Definitions (Package, Transport Request, TLOGO).

  • TRANSPORT / Details of manual and automatic transports of BEx objects.

  • ERRORS / Known problems and 'how to' process.

  • TOOLS / Useful tools, transactions, programs, tricks.

  • FAQ / Here are your questions...

1 - Recommendation for the Production System

  • In general, any development in a Productive System is not recommended. This is not a direct rule, but just a recommendation that is implemented by many customers. All development of queries or other objects is typically performed in any other system in the system landscape. For example, the typical is a landscape consisting of 3 systems: Development -> Quality -> Production. The Productive system is being only updated by transports that you can easily regulate on 2 levels. This is just a very general and typical architecture. In such scenario the Production system is totally not changeable, all changes are done in the other systems and only those objects that pass the quality checks will be delivered and used in the production.
  • In some exceptional cases, some customers would like to have an option to be able to develop objects directly in the Productive system. This is usually really exceptional cases that do not happen all the time. To be able to do this there is a so-called exceptional changeability of particular type of objects that you may define yourself in Tx RSA1 -> Transport Connection -> Object Changeability. This option is relevant only if the system is globally set to non-changeable (which is typically the case, as already written). The options are 'everything changeable' or 'changeable original'. First gives you an option to change all objects if the corresponding type (ELEM, for example), the second - only those that are originally created in the current system. This second option is not recommended for queries as typically any query is a complex object that might contain parts created in the other systems (for example, variables or any reusable objects). In this case, this setting will not allow you editing as not all objects of this particular query are original.
  • Once you allow creation in a Productive system, all your end users will be able to create own queries. This usually makes a bit more difficult to control who uses what and who creates what and what kind of information is being retrieved from your database.
  • From the technical point of view, there is no difference where you create queries. They will be still working correctly and for the application (BEx Query Designer) it makes no difference where to work once this is generally allowed.

Possible steps for performing transport from PROD to DEV System:

    1. The PROD system is set to non-changeable.
    2. For changing queries you need to allow the change of query elements:
      1. Tx RSA1 > Transport Connection > Object Changeability > ELEM Query Element > set "everything changeable".
    3. Change the queries.
    4. For 'transport request creation' the PROD system needs to be opened for changes.
    5. Create a transport request A for the changed queries.
      1. Release the local transport request A.
      2. Create a new transport request B with "transport from copies", add all objects from local transport request A.
      3. Set the PROD system back to non-changeable.
    6. In DEV system import the transport request B: 
      1. Tx STMS, open import queue, select transport request B and import it with Option "overwrite originals".

2 - SAP Notes

  • 992965 - Query Designer: messages related to transport system
  • 356018 - Activate the standard transport system in BW
  • 337950 Queries (and other objects) cannot be edited
  • 458024 BW objects cannot be processed (upgrade is running)
  • 852742 BEx objects can be changed although there is no BEx request
  • 1014105 Improved transport behavior of query elements
  • 1015518 Different objects (original, target) cannot be transported
  • 945055 Transport of Web Templates in SAP NetWeaver 2004s JAVA

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