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The BW modeling tools provide a new development environment editing BW metadata objects. The development environment is based on the open platform Eclipse.

The BW modeling tools support the tasks of BW modelers with a light and user-friendly Eclipse UI, with a standardized user guide. Integration with ABAP Development Tools and SAP HANA modeling, which provides SAP HANA views for use in BW metadata objects like the CompositeProvider, enables highly flexible and efficient execution of modeling projects.

The prerequisite for using the BW modeling tools is that the BW system, which contains the metadata objects to be edited, must run on an SAP HANA database.

In the BW modeling tools, various functions are available to support you in your role as a BW modeler. You structure your work in BW projects which represent a system connection. For CompositeProviders and Open ODS views, you can use native Eclipse-based editors. For other BW InfoProviders, you can use the SAP GUI-based maintenance interfaces that are integrated in the BW modeling tools.



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