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To be able to access the HANA views which have been generated by the BW system, some general object privileges (FKA sql privileges) and package privileges are needed besides the data authorizations (Roles, SQL Analytic Privileges, Procedures and Filter Values). SQL Analytic Privileges are automatically generated from the existing BW analysis authorizations (and assigned to a role which is automatically created and attached to the DB user) by BW object activation or running the program RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN. SQL Analytic Privileges use procedures which currently access table RS2HANA_AUTH_STR containing the filter values.

For checks concerning authorization replication (as well as checks and repairs of external SAP HANA views) see SAP note 2031522.


Simple Example with screenshots and some technical background information


SAP Online Documentation

Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW System

Authorizations for Generating SAP HANA Views

SAP Notes

2031522 - Transactions RS2HANA_ADMIN and RS2HANA_CHECK

SDN Articles

SAP First Guidance – SAP BW 7.4 on SAP HANA - SAP HANA View Generation

Wiki Page

OLAP/Analysis Authorizations


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