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This wiki content will help the consultants to troubleshoot the different scenarios where most of them face the issues.
This include many possible causes for the issues and solutions, workarounds for each cause. The solutions, workarounds and suggestions mentioned here are inline with SAP Standards.


This content will help with the issues like:

  1. Hardware or Network troubleshooting.
  2. Analyze High CPU Usage.
  3. High Memory Consumption.
  4. Analyzing Indexing Performance.
  5. Indexing Errors.
  6. TREXIndexServer crash.
  7. Analyze Poor Query performance.

1. Note 1870916 - BWA Troubleshooting: Hardware or Network Issue troubleshooting
This document helps with the following:
1.1 Availability of Hardware
1.2 Validate the services
1.3 Analyze disk write performance & network performance

2. Note 1871088 - BWA Troubleshooting: Analyze High CPU Usage
This document helps with the following:
2.1 Check which process utilizes most CPU
2.2 Check CPU usage from TREXAdmin & see list of running threads
2.3 If CPU is exhausted during indexing jobs or when queries are executed

3. Note 1872296 - BWA Troubleshooting: High Memory Consumption
This document helps with the following:
3.1 Check the service which causes the huge memory consumption
3.2 Check long running threads & ratio of disk usage to main memory.
3.3 Verify the landscape reorganization algorithm
3.4 Check for alerts in RSDDBIAMON2/TREXAdmin tool.
3.5 Check memory relevant parameters of TREXIndexServer.ini

4. Note 1871790 - BWA Troubleshooting: Analyzing Indexing Performance
This document helps with the following:
4.1 Check the BWA alerts & BW logs
4.2 Check the Indexing settings in the BWA Monitor using RSDDBIAMON2
4.3 Run a BWA Check & Maintain indexing statistics data in table RSDDSTATTREX and
4.4 Check the load on BWA during indexing.
4.5 Check the TREXIndexserver.ini file parameter settings.

5. Note 1872295 - BWA Troubleshooting: Indexing Errors
This document helps with the following:
5.1 Check the hardware configuration, including the I/O for each blade and
the network settings between BW and BWA
5.2 Investigate the job Logs & application log
5.3 Check the services & analyze if there is a high load and
if this is balanced on all blades or it only happens on a specific blade
5.4 Check the core Files & create and analyze python traces

6. Note 1872501 - BWA Troubleshooting: TREXIndexServer crash
This document helps with the following:
6.1 Verify whether the TREXIndexServer process has crashed and was restarted.
6.2 Perform Root cause analysis of the crash.
6.3 Crash Analysis using Python trace.

7. Note 1871604- BWA Troubleshooting: Analyze Poor Query performance
This document helps with the following:
7.1 Check whether the query uses BWA or not
7.2 Check where most of the runtime is spent
7.3 Check for any errors using the python script & see if a reorg is proposed by BWA
7.4 Check for partitioning of a huge F-Index
7.5 Review BWA Statistics index & Alert server for any errors/warnings
7.6 Execute a Performance trace, python trace and analyze them.

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