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A BWA-only cube resides entirely on the BWA. This infoprovider got introduced with BWA 7.2.

BWA InfoCubes are created in the Data Warehousing Workbench, using transaction code RSA1:

  • From the InfoProvider InfoArea, choose "Create InfoCube"
  • Choose "Standard InfoCube" 
  • The new option "BWA Status" determines where the InfoCube data is stored for BWA: 1) InfoCube stores its data on the database 2) InfoCube stores its data in the BWA only

Persistency in InfoCubes



When "data persistency" is set to "InfoCube stores its data in BWA only" for an InfoCube, the transactional data is only saved on the BWA server, not on the database of the BW system. Data in the F-facttable, E-facttable, and dimension tables is stored in the BWA. The masterdata is stored on both the BW database and in the BWA so that it can be accessed by both types of InfoProviders.

InfoCubes with "data persistency" in the BWA have the following advantages over standard InfoCubes:

  • Avoids data redundancy in the SAP BW system: saves database space and reduces the SAP BW system load, which improves the overall database performance.
  • Relocates data analysis layer: the data analysis layer is relocated from the BW system to the BWA, which improves the performance of data analysis.
  • Removes the need to create database aggregates for the InfoCube.

Caution: Be aware that backup and restore processes are not implemented for BWA-only InfoCubes.


The InfoCube definition is saved in the BW database. The F-facttable and the package-dimension are also saved in the BW database.

The F-facttable is required to derive the definition of the BWA-index. The package dimension is necessary for managing requests in the BW-system. This is the only table that is filled on the BW database, when transactional data is loaded into the InfoCube.

The facttable index of the InfoCube is flat. This means that the masterdata-IDs are written directly to the facttable index without the need for dimension indexes. This can lead to improved performance for data loading.


Data Transfer Processes (DTPs) are used to load the data. The DTPs write the data directly to the facttable index in the BWA. It is possible to create several DTPs for one BWA-only InfoCube, however, the DTPs cannot run in parallel. You can use the BWA-monitor for the consistency check.

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