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This blog is about a functionality that I consider as one of the crown jewels of BW-on-HANA

 What Makes #BW-on-HANA So Unique!HANA provides advanced and Application-specific Engines, Procedures, and Algorithms and BW-on-HANA can use those to push down time-consuming operations like OLAP, Planning, Delta Calculations, Transformations........ Jul 29, 2013
The OLAP Compiler in BW-on-HANAThis blog is about a fundamental functionality of BW-on-HANA Feb 15, 2013
 BWonHANA: OLAP Compiler Demo This video provides two examples that show the power of the 'OLAP compiler in BW-on-HANA' May 13, 2013
 BW-on-HANA and the “FEMS” The FEMS is basically the BW-internal representation of the filter conditions for a restricted keyfigure..... May 15, 2013
BW-on-HANA and the Query Execution Mode BW on HANA offers different read access modes for Query execution. This blog intends to explain the differences and give you some background information on the BW Query access to HANA.June 10, 2013 
What’s the Difference Between a Classic #SAPBW and #BWonHANA? BW 7.3 on HANA and BW 7.4 on HANA are compared with the 'Classic BW' July 31, 2014
Data Warehousing on HANA: Managed or Freestyle? BW or Native? This blog attempts to clarify the differences of both approaches, managed one using BW and the SQL-based (freestyle) approach.

July 28, 2014

 BW on HANA and Very Large TablesBest practice from a design and system administration perspective is to split your data into physical partitioned objects (using semantic criteria) to avoid tables with more than 500 million records..... Apr 15, 2013  
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