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With non-cumulative InfoCubes, it isn't straightforward to load non-cumulative data from one InfoCube to another. You have to extract records with different record types in separate DTPs, and it is crucial to load and collapse requests in the right sequence (see FlatCube -> FlatCube  and Non-FlatCube -> Non-FlatCube and note 2325774).

With advanced DSOs(ADSOs), transferring data from one advanced DataStore with non-cumulative key figures to another is greatly simplified. Basically, you only need to create a transformation between both InfoProviders and a DTP for that transformation. The DTP will automatically extract all initialization records, historical and delta movements in a single request – no matter whether the requests in the source are activated or not. When activating the request in the target advanced DSO, it is automatically ensured that records with different record types are handled appropriately. Please keep in mind that this is only valid if source and target of the transformation are both advanced DSOs.

More details can be found in the SAP First Guidance SAP NetWeaver BW 7.40 / 7.50 powered by SAP HANA:

Example with Step-by-Step Description and Screenshots 

Example I : - Data Mart extraction from ncum ADSO(with ChangeLog)

Example II: - Data Mart extraction from ncum ADSO(InfoCube-like)

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