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After you migrate a BW system to a BW on SAP HANA, all InfoProviders must have so called column views. These views are needed for reporting. In case a new BW Infoprovider(InfoObject) is created, the associated column view is generated during activation.

If column views do not exist (or are incorrect), the provider is inconsistent and BW queries based on it will fail. With the report mentioned below you can recreate column views:

  • The report RSDDB_INDEX_CREATE_MASS can be used to (re-)create or delete these column views (e.g. all views for a certain type of InfoProvider). It was delivered with SAP note: 1982150 - Deletion / creation of InfoProvider column views on SAP HANA not possible for TLOGO types
  • For single InfoProviders, also the report RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE can also be used to recreate the views. More details see: 1977231 DBMAN099: View or Procedure Invalidated;table or view name = 0BW:BIA:xxx:

 As mentioned in note 1977231, there is no way to check the consistency of column views. In case of issue, please recreate the views by using the one of the reports.

After apply some notes to fix known issues, the ABAP code will be correct. However the column views that are generated based on previous code might be still inconsistent with currect code.  This may lead to DBMAN error, or even wrong query result. Therefore it is always recommended to rebuild the logic index by using reports above. For HCPR, please also make sure all column views of partproviders are also regenerated.

After a system copy the column views need to be recreated as well.


Example I: simple example of a column view based on a Hana optimized Infocube 

Example II: If navigation attributes are active for an Infoprovider, the column view is based on the corresponding X-table. The SID table is not part of the view. This means that even if there is no navigation attribute used in the query, the X-table might be accessed. Therfore, in general, an inconsistent X table can lead to incorrect query results. See also note 2271335 - Wrong Data is Read from a HANA Calculation Scenario

Example III: similar to Example II, but analysis is done with the help of transaction Listcube

Comments to the term View

In the context of Hana, there are two software layers where the term View is used. The application layer called 'DesignTime' and the layer of the data base objects itself which we call Hana Runtime. 

  • DesignTime
    • Calculation View
    • Analytical View
    • Attribute View

These views are also called Hana Models (when used in BW) and Information Views. They can be found in the Hana Studio under the folder 'Content'. See online documentation Create an Information View

  • Hana Runtime (SQL)
    • Column Views (Calculation Scenarios): used by BW queries to read from infoproviders
    • Views: classic view as we know it from other data bases

These views are objects of the Hana data base and can be found in the  Hana Studio under the folder 'Catalog' and the corresponding schema. BW Objects (like the column views of infoproviders) are always stored in the schema SAP'SIDofSystem'/SAPABAPn,  e.g External Hana Views are stored in the schema _SYS_BIC.

SAP Consulting Notes

 2286336 - Column view cannot be created on HANA


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