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Open ODS views enable you to define BW data models for objects like database tables, views or BW DataSources (for direct access) without the need to create InfoObjects. Open ODS views can be created in transaction RSA1 and in the BW Modeling Tools of the HANA Studio. The Open ODS view is a view on the source object, it does not contain any data persistence. The required data is then retrieved during query runtime.

Most important SAP note for Queries on Open ODS views ( and  Virtual Tables, Hana SDA, CDS Views, ...):

  • 2198480  FAQ: BW Open ODS View - Query Execution 

Types and Settings

  • Facts
  • Master Data
  • Texts
Source Type
Analytic Metadata (Field Properties)

For each field, you can specify e.g.

  • whether it should be interpreted as a characteristic or as a key figure
  • the aggregation behavior for key figures
  • authorization relevance for characteristics
  • Using associations on fields of type "characteristic", you can link a source field to an InfoObject ( or to an Open ODS view). This allows you to inherit properties from the associated object like the Authorization Relevance property, the technical name (if 'Inherit Global Name' setting active) and the reporting properties See also InfoObject Names for Fields in Open ODS Views
    • default: if there is no association the Open ODS view field or Infoobject, or if there is an association but the Inherit Global Name flag is not set the following naming convention is used:  2F<name of Open ODS view>-<name of Open ODS view field>
Administration Tables

Names follow the pattern RSFDP* like


Topics, Scenarios and Blogs

SAP Online Documentation and Important Consulting Notes

Consulting Notes
  • 2198480  FAQ: BW Open ODS View - Query Execution
  • 3023236  Null handling for HCPR with ODS views
  • 2036430 Open ODS View: Calculation Scenario for HANA Optimized Query Execution
  • 2288710  BW HANA SDA: Create Database Statistics for Virtual Tables of Open ODS Views
  • 2158890  Open ODS View - misssing DB Object Schema after transport importing
  • 2157188  Activation of an Open ODS View terminates with Exception CX_RODPS_OBJECT_NOT_FO
  • 2104414  BW Open ODS View: Query Performance and alphanumeric conversion
  • 2090327  When doing data preview on Open ODS View you get the error insufficient privilege
  • 2084450  Database error 258 during OPC: "insufficient privilege: Not authorized" when ac
  • 1989436  Open ODS View with Smart Data Access - Invalid Table Name during Query Execution
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  • 2673267  Consulting: Open ODS View or HANA DataSource based on ABAP CDS View

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