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In the following we discuss how to load data from an (Hana optimized) InfoCube with non-cumulative key figures into an ADSO with the same non-cumulative key figures (e.g. a copy of the source cube). See also note 2325774.

  • Prerequisites
    • Source cube: hana optimized InfoCube with NCUM_REFP_UPD=Y (see note 2097535)
    • Target ADSO: Type Inventory
  • Three DTPs are needed
    • Extraction Mode: Initial Non-Cumulative for Non-Cumulative Values
    • Extraction Mode: Full with Paramter ‘Historical Data Transactions’
    • Extraction Mode: Delta
Processing Steps
  • Assure that target ADSO does not contain any data
  • Execute DTP with Extraction Mode ‘Initial Non-Cumulative for Non-Cumulative Values’. All reference points (0recrodtp=1) are retrieved and written into the target ADSO
  • Activate this request in the target ADSO
  • Execute a 'Full' extraction with Parameter ‘Historical Data Transactions’. All historical movements (0recordtp=2) are retrieved from the source cube.
  • Activate this request (reference points(marker) aren’t updated since all these historical movements have already been taken into account).
  • Run DTP with Extraction Mode 'Delta' in order to get the uncompressed movements from the source cube
  • Execute the function module RSDV_VALID_RECREATE (see note 1548125 ). The parameter I_INFOCUBE must contain the name of the target ADSO and the indicator I_REBUILD_FROM_FACT must be set to 'X'. Afterwards, check the records in the validity table (/BIC/A'Name'4).
  • DTP Extraction Mode: Initial Non-Cumulative for Non-Cumulative Values: you need to set the time reference characteristic to a constant value(in the transformation) which is different to e.g. 31.12.9999(as used  in the past for reference points in cubes), see note 2192542 for details. Please note that the screenshots from below still show such a value for the reference points in the ADSO, however, this is not allowed any longer! Take a look at the remarks to this topic at the end of this page.
  • It is recommended to check the data in the target cube after each step with the help of transaction LISTCUBE (as done in the example below).
Technical Definition

Ncum Init


requid=0 & uncompressed requids

Delta (Init)


requid>0 (only uncompressed requids)

Full with 'Historical Movements'


requid=0 & uncompressed requids



requid=0 & uncompressed requids

Background Information to the handling of Non-Cumulative Key Figures

Example (BW75 system based on Hana)

  • Source Infocube ZATSTPEC1
  • Target ADSO: STPE_NCA1  (cube-like; Inventory)
Definition of ADSO

Sreenshots from the DTPs




Content of Source Cube

Check the content with the help of LISTCUBE, use the selection 0recordtp=0-2 in order to get the reference points displayed as well.

We focus on the material M001 (there are 4 materials in this simple test cube). The marker(recordtp=1) has the value 10. There is one historical movement(recordtp=2) and one uncompressed new movement. A query would display the current stock value 14 (e.g. for 28.08.2015) for the material M001.

We check the data in the TARGET ADSO after each processing step:
After ncum initialization

In an ADSO the data istored in the following tables(see note 1548125 and NCUM ADSOs: Tables and Views)

We check the data by using LISTCUBE which is more convenient than checking tables. You can see that only records with 0recordtp=1 were loaded into the target:

After activation(compression):


Only the field 0REQTSN has changed.

After load of historical movements

You can see that only records with 0recordtp=2 were loaded into the target.

After Activation of the request:

Please note that the marker(reference points) weren’t updated since all these historical Movements have already been taken into account!

After Delta load


After Activation of the request:

Please note the following: - 0recordtp was set to 2 - 0requid was set to 0 - Reference points were updated (e.g. material M001: from 10 to 14) 

Remark to Issue discussed in note 2192542

As explained in note 2192542, must define a constant or rule for the time characteristic in the transformation, which fills the time reference characteristics with a value unequal to values like 31.12.9999.

In our example above, we actually would get now(on a current BW75 system) the following error(Time inconsistency found for record .... Message no. RSDSO_UPDATE006) when running the ncum init:

Now we set 0CALDAY to a constant

and run the Ncum Init again:

Afterwards you need to change the transformation back to the default of direct assignment of the reference characteristic, since the content of note 2192542 only applies for DTPs using mode 'Initial Non-Cumulative for Non-Cumulative Values'!

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