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Getting started with SAP BI

How do you get started on SAP BI - this wiki section offers you pages updated by SCN members on how and where you can get started with SAP BI   
Being quite a lucrative and interesting domain, SAP BI attract many newcomers. Many people ask questions in the SDN forums about the best way to get started with SAP BW. As someone that got started two years ago, i would like to provide my two cents on this:

  1. If you don't have one, create an SDN account. If you will be working in SAP BW it's an invaluable thing.
  2. Read Datawarehousing books written by Ralph Kimbal or Bill Inmon to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of data warehousing. This is the foundation of the entire thing.
  3. Follow the SAP training materials on BW Data Warehousing, BW Reporting and BW Modeling. In case your company doesn't fund training, propose them to fund SAP books instead. There are several books that can help you a lot when getting started (all of them are displayed in the Amazon List i prepared -
  4. After you have a solid BW knowledge, start to review the site.
  5. Get familiar with the basics of ABAP programming. I recommend on two books that are indispensable here: one is Horst Keller's ABAP Objects and the second is Dirk Herzog's book on ABAP for BW (the best 85 bucks you will ever spend for a BI book).
  6. Start to review SDN white papers (i think the most useful BW is white paper  is:, webcasts, read the forums.
  7. Need a BI system to practice? Load the ABAP Sneak preview. Download it from the "Downloads" section. I wrote a quick how to guide that will help you to get started with your first BI data model. You can find it at: How to guide;
  8. People ask about the importance of SAP Functional knowledge for the BI developer. Well, i think functional ECC knowledge is nice to have, however i would recommend to go deeper into SAP ECC functional domains once you are given your first assignment.

*** Taken from multiple pages for consolidation *****

What is SAP BW and what is SAP BI ?

SAP BW refers to previous non Netweaver releases of SAP BI where SAP Business Information Warehouse  (BIW) or Business Warehouse for short was the version used. Post Netweaver the versions starting from 3.5 and beyond were rechristened as SAP Business Intelligence or SAP BI.

How to Load a flat file into SAP BI7.0

** OLAP and OLTP 


  1. Anonymous

    can you please provide a link to how to guide, I was trying to search it but could not found.

    Need a BI system to practice? Load the ABAP Sneak preview. Download it from the "Downloads" section. I wrote a quick how to guide that will help you to get started with your first BI data model. You can find it at: How to guide;

  2. Unknown User (w948wrs)

    Plz forgive, if its not the right place to ask the below question:

    I am a BA graduate. Spent long years working in BPO though i never wanted. Have done Multimedia motion graphics diploma and learnt motion picture editing and compositing etc. That was a hobby but couldn't turn that into a career because of very limited scopes. Now planning to do SAP tech like ABAP as i m more interested to do developing programming works. After a lot of search, I atleast got to know that career is good into SAP ABAP (if I am not wrong).

    My query is: Can I do SAP tech like ABAP and make a career as I have no IT background. If ther is any course prerequisite to be done like programming and all before doing a SAP ABAP module. Please let me know. I'd be thankful for any detailed reply or beginning steps.



  3. Unknown User (lvukgg2)

    HI Lokesh and Arun.

    Thank you very much for your post. It has boosted my confidence level . I am working in one of the ERP as a admin. I dont like the admin job and addition to that , that erp has a very small market.

    So as I have good knowledge in DW, I want to move my career towards SAP BI.

    But if you could guide me how to Install SAP BI for my practice, I will be a very good BI consultant soon.

    Please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Former Member

    Hi All,

    I am a BI certified professional and a fresher in this module. I am planning to attend an internship program for a month or two. In this regard, can someone suggest me the way to proceed with my internship w.r.t various activities that I have to work on and sequential steps to follow? Thanks in advance.