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bia_indexes_size_perf_check alert

In general, BIA will split the index according to the split size.  But some indexes so far cannot be split automatically and their size is a bigger than the threshold. That's why you get the alert.

It's possible to increase the alert split threshold for bia_indexes_size_perf_check in Trexadmin->Host->Capacity to remove the alert. However, it is NOT recommended to do so because if the threshold is too high and you don't see the alert, it will be harmful for your system, because such a big split threshold can not only cause a bad performance but also memory problems and as a consequence indexserver crashes.
So, It is RECOMMENDED rebuilding the indexes because, among the reasons already specified, BWA only flag data as "deleted" but do not delete data in the index actually, so rebuilding the index is going to clean up that and consequentially it will improve the reporting performance.

As mentioned, the parameter which takes effect is parameter “Split threshold”  set in Host-> Capacity. 100,000,000 by default (recommended value).

The alert’s warning limit is “Split threshold” and error limit is 2*“Split threshold”.

For instance,  if the split threshold is 100,000,000, each index which is bigger than 100 000 000 cells should be split.

For masterdata indexes you may want to use the report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX in order to rebuild that.

This alert was enhanced with revision 55 as you can see in note 1456230 - BWA 7.00: Revision 55 :

Also please check notes below:

1644625 - BWA 7.00:Rebuilding cannot get huge F table split

1691996 - BWA 7.00 Rev62/63: Alertserver corrections and hints

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