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This page refers to CDS views: HowTo use in BW contexts.

Use annotation

  • @Consumption.filter.selectionType: #RANGE or #INTERVAL
  • @Consumption.filter.multipleSelections:true

to generate a selection option variable in a CDS query.

A CDS query is defined as below:

Run query 2CZGL_QT3V in transaction  RSRT, there is a selection option variable defined on Country. You could exclude some values, or use contain patterns in this variable. For example, here we exclude all countries start with 'C'.

The query result is:

It is not possible to set an Excluding default value for a @Consumption.filter variable. Only Including default value is supported.

However, by using parameter, it is possible to exclude a default value. But the CDS query can only always exclude some parameter value in runtime.

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