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As explained in CDS views: HowTo use in BW contexts, the annotation @AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource controls the list of values which should be taken into account for a specific characteristic in the value help at query runtime(see SF in F4 Modesand for displaying the values in the query result(see Access Type for Result Values). Following two values exist:

  • #CUBE (default): corresponds to Query-mode for value help and shows only posted values in query result
  • #DIMENSION: corresponds to Masterdata-mode for value help and all master data(also unposted values) are shown in the query result(see Access Type for Result Values

Sample Query I: @AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource: #CUBE

Definition of Analytic Query

So, in the following we focus on the field planetype.

Query based on following CDS Cube

Definition of corresponding Dimension

We first run the so called Adhoc query based on dimension in RSRT:

The result set contains 28 vales:

When we execute the query 2CZSTPE_CDS_QUERY5 in RSRT then a variable appears(since @Consumption.filter annotation is used in query)

The annotation@AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource has no impact on the F4 help of the variable. by default always the F4 mode M(see F4 Modes) is used:

The query result contains just 6 rows(we left the variable empty), so, just 6 plane type are posted in the cube:

With transaction RSRTS_ODP_DIS it can be checked whether the technical name 2CZOQ_PLANETYPE1 really corresponds to the field planetype used in the CDS query/cube:

When we use the F4 help(Select Filter Values) for Plane Type, the mode Q(see F4 Modes) is used as described above:

Sample Query II: @AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource: #DIMENSION

This query is just a copy of query 2CZSTPE_CDS_QUERY5 where only the annotation @AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource was changed o #DIMENSION:

We run this query in RSRT and, as above, do not enter a value in the variable:

The query result now contains also plane types for which there is no transaction data in the provider(CDS cube). This is expected as described above and in Access Type for Result Values.

The F4 help(Select Filter Values) for Plane Type uses by default now the M mode:

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