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Currency Conversion defined in CDS Query

It is possible to define a currency conversion for CDS views with DataCatagor CUBE(see CDS View Example 11 ) and for a CDS query. See also SAP Online Help: ABAP CDS - Conversion Functions for Units and Currencies . It uses the same TCUR tables as a 'normal' Bex query, see Overview of important tables used for currency translation and Simple Example.

In contrast to the CUBE example (CDS View Example 11), the currency conversion is carried out in ABAP(like it is done for a normal Bex query) and not on the Hana database.

Sample Query 

The sample query uses the same definition of the currency conversion as in CDS View Example 11. Since the underlying provider is virtually also the same, we can expect the same value for the converted key figure:

When we check the 'technical information' of this query in RSRT

we can see that a corresponding 'transient' currency translation type (as normally done in RSCUR) was generated automatically:

Since the query uses paramters, the Bex following variables appear:

The query result is as expected  (see also CDS View Example 11),

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