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CDS Cube: Association to view of Type Dimension (BW attributes) and to Type Text (BW Texts)

Simple CDS View of type TEXT for both Attribute and Characteristic

Simple CDS View of type TEXT for the Characteristic:

  • based on table zga_emp_txt
  • @Analytics.DataCategory: #TEXT

Simple CDS View of type TEXT for the Attribute:

  • based on table zga_addr_text
  • @Analytics.DataCategory: #TEXT

Simple CDS View of Type Dimension with Association to CDS view(s) of Type Text

It is needed to have an Association for both TEXT type CDS Views (Attribute and Characteristic Text)

  • @ObjectModel.representativeKey
  • @ObjectModel.text.association

Display the transient provider for the Dimension in RSRTS_ODP_DIS
  • under key Name the Employee Text fields are visible, as well as under Field Address

Check the results for the DIMENSION with the standard (adhoc) query
  • in the characteristic properties 'Key and or Text' can now be selected 
  • in the characteristic properties Attribute can be activated and also 'Key and or Text' can be selected


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