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CDS Cube: Association to view of Type Dimension (BW Display Attributes)

Simple CDS view of type DIMENSION: @Analytics.dataCategory: #DIMENSION (See also BW InfoObjects modeled by CDS Views.)

ABAP Perspective in Hana Studio

The CDS view is based on the table SCARR. The field carrid is defined as the key of this table, the view also offers the fields AirlineName and UrL.

DataPreview in Hana Studio:

View YCS_ATTR is used in a CDS view of object type CUBE:

Transaction RSRT

When we run the adhoc query 2CYCS_ASSOCIATION/!2CYCS_ASSOCIATION in RSRT(ABAP BICS), it is possible to select a display attribute for the 'characteristic' Airline:

Display Attribute Airline


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