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BW Variables generated by annotation @Consumption.filter

Filter variables of the BW query can be expressed with @Consumption.filter annotations in CDS views. As an alternative to the filter annotation, you can introduce a parameter and use it in the where clause. See example Query using Parameter. Variables and Filters are always so called hard filters (characteristic restrictions, see OLAP Filter Handling)).

In the following we show a simple example:

ABAP Perspective in Hana Studio 

Note that this variable is ignored by the Data Preview in the Hana Studio. We need to run the query in order to check this annotation.

Transaction RSRT

Whe we run this query in RSRT, a corresponding variable popup appears. We also use the debug function 'Disyplay SQL/SAP Hana Query' in order to get the Analytics API statement displayed: 

Query Result:

Note: In case a @Filter annotation is used for an element that is filtered in the WHERE condition as well, the filter annotation will be ignored!

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