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As explained in CDS views: HowTo use in BW contexts, the annotation @AnalyticsDetails.resultValuesSource controls the list of values which should be taken into account for a specific characteristic in the value help at query runtime(see SF in F4 Modesand for displaying the values in the query result(see Access Type for Result Values). The value #DIMENSION corresponds to master data mode for value help and all master data(also unposted values) are shown in the query result(see Access Type for Result Values). In the following example we combine the feature master data access type with an active hierarchy(see Using Hierarchy in CDSregarding the same characteristic.

Our sample query is based on the cube from CDS Hierarchies: Example I and defined as follows:

We run this query in RSRT:

and can see that there are nodes(e.g. NODE A) displayed for which no posted values exist:

Now we change the access type to 'Posted Values' 

and check the query result again:

As expected, e.g. node NODE A isn't displayed any longer.

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