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As explained in Analytic Query, if you work with 'transient' queries based on ABAP CDS Views (Analytic Queries) you need to be aware of the following naming conventions.

Naming Conventions
  • In case CDS DDIC-based views (statement "Define View") are used there three technical names assigned to an CDS view. The so called SQLViewName is used in the ABAP dictionary (SE11). The corresponding BW object (like cube and query) uses this technical name as well but with the prefix 2C , so  2C'SQLVIEWNAME'. See example below.
  • CDS DDIC-based views are now replaced by CDS view entities which are defined using the statement 'DEFINE VIEW ENTITY'. CDS view entities are the successor of CDS DDIC-based views, they represent an improved version of classic CDS DDIC-based views (obsolete). There is only one technical name allowed, see Analytic Queries based on CDS View Entities.
CDS View Entities
CDS DDIC-based Views

When you create CDS DDIC-based views (statement 'Define View', see Embedded Reporting on ABAP CDS views for further details) you need to distinguish between three different technical names:

  • SQLVIEWNAME - Name of SQL View (ABAP Object)
  • DDLNAME     - Name of CDS View
  • STRUCTOBJNAME - Name of view defined in CDS View (Entity Name)


Hana Studio (ABAP)

  • Technical name: 2C'SQLVIEWNAME'
  • RSRT - Technical Info: DDL SOURCE = DDLNAME

  • Technical name: 2C'SQLVIEWNAME'
  • RSRT - Technical Info: DDL SOURCE = DDLNAME
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