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  • With the report RUTDDLSSHOW2 (or Transaction SDDLAR) the definition of CDS Views (query and provider) can be displayed in the SAP GUI.
  • Transaction SE80, click button 'Edit Objects', input DDLNAME, double click on 'Data Definition, CDS view definition can be displayed and checked.
  • Transaction SE11, display Database table by input SQLVIEWNAME, the sqlview structure can be displayed. Then double click the DDLNAME there, CDS view definition can be displayed. (Attention: The function supported in SE11 for CDS is limited. Therefore consistency check in SE11 may not reflect the true status of DB and runtime objects, please run the CDS consistency check in TA SDDLAR instead.
  • Transaction RSRTS_ODP_DIS can be used to check transient providers.
  • Report RSRTS_ODP_TEST_ALL for transient provider massive check (run it with ODP Context: ABAP_CDS for CDS providers).
  • The connection between DDLNAME and SQLVIEWNAME can be found in SQL View RSODPABAPCDSVIEW, see CDS Views: Naming Conventions for details.
  • Transient query definition can be checked via report RSRTS_CDS_QUERY_CHECK  or transaction RSRTS_QUERY_CHECK.
  • Transaction SACM provides several quick links for Access Control Management, e.g. manual authorization test for CDS Views.
  • CDS  authorization can be also checked directly using the ABAP report  R_ACMTOOL_SELECT (part of SACM).
  • In Fiori Design Studio , to force variable screen display, add parameter &XPROMPT=true into the URL (example: https://<server>:<port>/Fiori#AnalyticQuery-analyze?XQUERY=2Cxxxxx&XPROMPT=true ). This is similar to use VARIABLE_SCREEN=X in RSRT.
  • S4 app runs in Design Studio when ?sap-ui-tech-hint=UI5
  • S4 app runs in Webdynpro Grid when ?sap-ui-tech-hint=WDA

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