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Delta extraction with the ALE Change Pointer method works as follows:

Table ROOSGEN shows which message type (format: RSxxxx.) has been assigned to a concrete datasource.

Table BDCPV/BDCP2 contains the change pointers. Every time a change relevant to the datasource is performed a change pointer with message type RSxxxx is added to table BDCPV.

Table TDB62 shows fields of tables that are relevant for a message type. That is, only changes of these fields will generate a change pointer (even if there are more fields in the datasource!)

Changes to fields not listed in table TDB62 will not generate a change pointer in BDCPV.

Transaction BD52 maintains the content of the table TBD62

ROMDDELTA stores for each datasource it is specified, which change document object is used and which table is used for generation of the change documents. The information stored in table 'ROMDDELTA' are used to generate the entries in the table 'TBD62'. The entries in ROMDDELTA are normally created when activating a DataSource in RSA5.

If it is not there, the DataSource should be re-activated (and replicated in BW to be sure of consistency).

For a datasource: ROMDELTA, field TABNAME should be the same as the TABNAME field for TDB62

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  1. Former Member

    small correction : TDB62 should be TBD62 ,and in my system, the change pointer stored in BDCP2 not BDCPV.