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check_too_many_parts alert:

The check_too_many_parts alert is the new alert check introduced with revision 53 as you can see in the note 1366150

Reducing the number of indexes parts per blade is going to consequently help in the memory consumption by your BWA system. This is the meaning of the warning.

SAP recomends one index part per blade.

This parameter depends on the Calc. Capacity. So, for instance: in case it is 8.0 you should set the global multiplier to 0.125 (1/8) in order to have only one part per blade.

Go to TREXAdmin(python) -> Reorg -> Multipiler(global) -> Modify the value -> reindex the affected cubes.

 This is necessary to recreate the indexes in order to have this parameters working. Refer to notes 1163149  and 1051100 for more information in this matter.

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