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  • Checking BIA Overall Performance Issues
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The purpose of this wiki is to demonstrate, some standard procedures that need to be checked while doing analysis based on overall performance faced on the BIA system.


This will help you understand some important checks that are basic, but helpful when doing an analysis on BIA overall performance issues by accessing transaction RSDDBIAMON, checkingrecording traces, and some more valuable tips.


1. Analysing transaction RSDDBIAMON:
Check for warnings that are related with performance, such as:
Large trace files (delete / remove), Reorg, Connection issues (RFC or ICM) and any other
that turn to be visible for the situation. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly as per the warning in order to solve them.
2. Check some important information in the TREXIndexServer.ini file, check note
"1675996 - BIA TREXIndexServer.ini performance check" for more details.
3. Check the way the data is split across your BIA blades. In order to help on this
        you can verify note: "1617927 - Check Too Many Parts" for more details
4. Recording critical traces:
If the information above didn't help solving the issue, please then make sure to open
an SAP ticket in the component of "BC-TRX-BIA", and record the following traces:
a) Performance Trace as per Note "1318293 - BWA 7.00: Recording a performance trace"

b) Python trace as per Note "1318344 - BWA 7.00: Recording a Python Trace"

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