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  • Checklist for issues during creation and editing of Broadcaster-Setting
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This page describes solutions to all the issues known to SAP during the creation of BEx Broadcaster Settings.


SymptomsPlease go through this paragraph to clarify that your broadcasting issue is known and a solution is available.
ChecksFor a correct working BEx Broadcaster you need to make sure that the provided checks have been successfully passed.
Your AnalysisIn case issue remains after applying the solution then please answer our checklist questions.

For any broadcasting issues which occur during execution please review wikipage: Checklist for issue during execution of Broadcaster-Setting.

Please read this first

  • Please go through the checklist, read and apply these recommendations.
  • Once you have applied the recommendations please answer the questions mentioned at the bottom of the page
  • The questions mentioned at the bottom of the page are in OSS friendly format which you can copy/paste in the oss incident. Don't copy the detail paragraphs into OSS incident (-document)!
  • Please ensure to answer all the question before returning the message back to SAP.


Following symptoms are covered:

S1 - The start of BEx Broadcaster / Broadcasting Wizard does not work

  1. User  CANNOT call BEx Broadcaster from the following Business Explorer components. Either a blank web page is displayed OR web-page hangs OR various error is displayed.
    1. Query Designer toolbar, choose Query → Publish → BEx Broadcaster
    2. Report Designer toolbar, choose Report → Publish → BEx Broadcaster
    3. Web Application Designer toolbar, choose Web Template → Publish → BEx Broadcaster
    4. BEx Analyzer analysis toolbar, choose Tools → Broadcaster
    5. Web Application contains at least one Web item for which you can use the context menu → in the context menu, choose Broadcast and Export → Broadcast E-Mail, Broadcast to Portal, or Broadcast to Printer.
    6. BEx WEB Analyzer → execute query → press  'Send' button
    7. In Portal navigate:  Reporting, Analysis and Planning →  Business Explorer →  BEx Broadcaster
  2. A query is executed in JAVA WEB and the navigational state has been changed. After this change you cannot call the Broadcasting Wizard anymore using the Send pushbutton. Instead BEx Broadcaster a blank web page is displayed. It works fine if you send the report unchanged (with initial navigational state).#
  3. The BEx Broadcaster is called, but it opens a pop up "Message from Webpage" with message "Session Management will not work! Please check the DSMlog file for details".


S2 - The Variable Screen or Schedule screen in BEx Broadcaster does not work.

  • User is not able to  open VARIABLE or SCHEDULE Screen in Broadcaster setting.
  • User is not able to  Close VARIABLE or SCHEDULE Screen in Broadcaster setting by pressing OK.
  • User is not able to  Save Broadcaster setting by pressing Save button.
  • User is not able to Execute  Broadcaster setting by pressing Execute button.



Implement the Java patches according to SAP Note    2445241 - New broadcaster workbook variable exception

S3 - User is not able to delete standard schedules of own Broadcast Settings.


S4 - Broadcast Setting cannot be opened.

In BEx Broadcaster you double-click on an existing Broadcast Setting to open it. Following error messages occur:

  • Error while generating the instance of VIEW (object type ...)  
  • Broadcast setting ... could not be loaded


When opening a Broadcaster setting, you receive error messages:

  • Error while instantiating Web Template
  • Broadcaster setting could not be loaded

 This only happens when BI logs are active.


  • 2553717 - Broadcaster setting could not be loaded

S5 - "400 Session not found" or "Service cannot be reached" error when click on any buttons on Broadcaster.


  • 2941579 - 400 Session not found error in BEx Broadcaster


C1 - SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool

  • Please execute the 'SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool' to check the configuration of your system and to collect detailed information regarding your SAP NetWeaver BI installation.
  • According to note 1177154 a COMPLETE GREEN Diagnostic Tool is mandatory for a error-free broadcasting.
  • If the result shows RED items please correct it: 
    • The tool provides a solution for each of the red items.
    • Please also read notes 937697 and the in note mentioned 'related/referenced notes' to get help for correcting the configuration.
    • KBA 2113395 guides you with step by step descriptions to correct any red alert. 
    • You may need to involve your JAVA administrator to correctly configuration of the system.
  • Acording KBA 1899396 and note 1789842  BI Java patch level 0 is not supported because it does not include all the subsequent corrections delivered in patches for lower SPS levels.
  • If you are using patch level 0 it is mandatory to raise the patch level for BI Java.

C2  - iview setting

C3 -  2.X/3.X iView property

C4 - parameter ms/redirect_version

  • Please use HTTP 1.1 in browser, and set parameter ms/redirect_version=1 as per note 972514.

C5  - SSO Check

  • The BEx Broadcaster variable screen is an ABAP screen. Therefore SSO should be up and running so that BEx Broadcaster variable screen is able to exchange information between ABAP and JAVA stack.
  • Profile parameters should be set like following, check in Tx RZ11:
    • login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1
    • login/create_sso2_ticket = 1 or 2
  • To check SSO execute Function Module CREATE_RFC_REENTRANCE_TICKET in Tx SE37. You should receive a ticket like following:

C6 - Check URL of ABAP and JAVA stack

  • Make sure that URL of ABAP and JAVA stacks are in the same Domain as explained in note 1498753. It says: 
    • For an ABAP server called "", the portal must run on a Java server called "". You can ensure that this is the case either by renaming the existing servers or by adding a DNS alias to existing servers.
      Please refer to SAP Note 2877825 - Cross domain issue in BEx Broadcaster and Note 632440 - Domain barrier in the browser of the SAP Enterprise Portal 

    • The BEx Broadcaster is an iview 3.x of the BW system. For that reason, the protocol used by your ABAP server must be the same of your Java Server. That means you have to use or HTTP or HTTPS for both servers.
      Also explained into SAP Note 632440 - Domain barrier in the browser of the SAP Enterprise Portal 
    • Additionally, you must check in the "Trusted Sites" of your internet browser. Both ABAP server and portal server must be either included in or excluded from the trusted sites. Leaving just one in the trusted site leads to the "permission denied" JavaScripts error and cause variable screen not being closed.

C7 - Check Trusted Sites in Internet Browser

  • As explained in note 1498753 you must check in the "Trusted Sites" of your internet browser that both ABAP server and portal server must be either included in or excluded from the trusted sites.
  • Leaving just one in the trusted site leads to the "permission denied" JavaScripts error and cause variable screen not being closed***

C8 - Record HTTP Watch trace for SAP support

  • In case of issue persists please reproduce the issue and record a HTTP trace with HTTP Watch.
  • You can download the basis version for free at
  • Important: Before recording the trace please delete the browser cache.
  • You could refer to the HTTP trace as per note 1387264 for more details.
  • Please attach the zipped HWL trace file to the SAP incident.

Your Analysis

  • If your configuration fulfills all requirements then you should answer all following questions with  YES .
  • If you answer a question with NO please follow the solution with the same number above to correct the problem.

  • You can copy/paste this part in your OSS incident:
01. The SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool is green?
    YES/NO  (If NO please correct the RED alerts first.)
    Is a BI JAVA patch higher than 0 deployed for SCA's mentioned in note 1789842?
02. SUPPORTDESK.ZIP file is attached?
03. Iview setting is set to SAP BW 2.X/3.X, 
    A screenshot which confirms correct settings was created/attached?
04. Parameter ms/redirect_version is set to 1?
05. Under iview, the RequestMethod is POST? 
    A screenshot which confirms correct settings was created/attached?     
06. Is SSO working?
07. URL of ABAP and JAVA stacks are in same domain?
08. Your Browser Trusted Sites settings are correctly configured as explained under point C7?
09. Please provide the exact steps for reproducing the issue:
    1 ...
    2 ...
    3 ...
10. Please provide following URL's:
    URL1 Portal: ... (Shown Address in your Browser)
    URL2 BEx Broadcaster: ... (Left mouse click on BEx Broadcaster background > right mouse click > properties > copy the URL)
    URL3 Empty WebPage: ... (Left mouse click in Emty WebPage window > right mouse click > properties > copy the URL)
    URL4 BEx Broadcaster Variable Screen: ... (Left mouse click on Varscreen background > right mouse click > properties > copy the URL) 
11. HTTP Watch trace file was attached to incident. See point C8.
    TimeStamp reproducing: date/time
12. Are Service Connections R/3 and HTTP Connect opened? 
13. HTTPWatch trace attached? (See C8)

Link to this page:
Link KBA: 2441051 - Checklist for issues during creation and editing of Broadcaster Setting

1 Comment

  1. Former Member

    Hi Edward, Deepak

    We appreciate your  page and it has helped us narrow down the problems we have been having. however we have still not found resolution. So the scenrio is that we have a BI/BEX system from where we are running the broadcast/publishing the query. Now these queries are visible to outside  world over a Webdispatcher.

    However we now get the error of 'mixed content'. I mean we get something like 

    The page at 'https://webdispatcher external hostname' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://our bi system local hostname'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

    Do you have any suggestions ?