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SAP for Retail Architecture

In the follwing you will find an overview graphic about the available products with links to the relevant wiki pages. The way how the software components are used here reflects a component based software architecture and is not used in the sens of a SAP system-landscape or software component version.

SAP Merchandising for Retail

Operational Buying is a main SAP component for all Retail customers comprised of applications to perform

  • purchase order processing and vendor relationship management
  • seasonal procurement for merchandise with short life cycles and long procurement lead times
  • Order optimization (investment buying and load-build)
  • Perishables buying
  • Invoicing
  • Subsequent Settlement

Complete solution is based on on ABAP stack in ERP. Large parts of generic functionality reused from core purchasing application, but significant amount of retail specific enhancements have been built.

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment

is an SCM-based standalone solution for Retail customers adressing the needs of Store and Distribution Center replenishment. Current solution uses OEM component which provides Forecasting and parts of the Replenishment functionality.

SAP Merchandise Lifecycle Management

has evolved from former Khimetrics CDS (Customer Demand Solution) application. Contains modules for Price & Markdown Optimization and Promotion Planning. Basic integration with SAP Merchandising for Retail and SAP NetWeaver BI has been done by Service Enabling.

SAP Promotion Management for Retail

The SAP Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) Solution is an integrated solution that helps retailers improve their bottom-line profitability by planning, creating and executing more strategic and profitable promotions.  


SAP MAP supports planning and reporting for all business activities involving assortment and merchandise.

SAP Workforce Management (SAP WFM)

is used

  • by store managers to plan, create and maintain employee schedules
  • for personnel time recording purposes
  • for managing employee data, such as rotations, relief personnel, leave requests, transfers, or terminations of employment (ABAP component)
  • to create shift plans by determining staffing requirements on a task-specific basis using the calculated workload for one or more areas of activity (Java component)

Is delivered stand-alone as an add-on to NetWeaver and is aweb-based application, can be accessed thru SAP Portal and SAP GUI 

SAP In-Store Merchandise and Inventory Management (SAP Retail Store)

Back Office solution for In-Store merchandizing with interfaces for Portable Device Capturing solutions (PDC), e.g. store orders, physical inventory, goods receipt/goods issued. Requires ERP. Online solution designed for desktop with Microsoft Internet Explorer and built with SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) technology using Internet Application Components (IACs) and HTML templates. Mobile UI built with Web Dynpro Java Mobile.  

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NW PI)

The Store Integration connects the Store Solutions with the SAP Business Suite components based on message exchange via SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. The main focus is to supply the Store Solutions with master data from SAP Merchandising for Retail and to transfer the sales information from Store Solutions into SAP POS Data Management.

SAP POS Data Management (SAP POS DM)

SAP POS Data Management is the enterprise wide data hub to collect, distribute and analyze sales data from POS Systems. Provides standardized reports through a Web-based user interface, enabling managers to access, explore, and analyse incoming sales information.

SAP Enterprise Point-of-Sales (SAP EPOS)

Modern entry product for new reliable store technology based on JEE (Java). Main component are POS Client running on cash registers and Enterprise POS Server running in the stores or centrally in the head office. Product is bundled with IBM Store Integration Framework (SIF).

SAP Point-of Sales (SAP POS)

Mature Point-of-Sales for general merchandise retailers including speciality, mass merchandise, discount and department stores. SAP POS is based on traditional client-server technology (Microsoft). Consists of

  • point-of-sale transaction processing application
  • in-store administrative or "back office" information management component
  • configurator to tailor POS terminals to retailers business needs


 based on the SAP NetWeaver BI platform. Supports users in getting business insights and making decision in the areas of Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, Customer Relations, Store/POS specific Processes, Workforce Management. Various Analytical Application are provided addressing specific business areas. From a UI/Workflow perspective, Analytical Applications can be run "stand-alone" in a web browser or MS Excel™ as well as embedded into SAP Portal or NetWeaver Business Client content. BI Accelerator approaches very high volume reporting and data warehousing as well as embedded data mining capabilities.

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