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  • Common issue related to WebJavaRuntime
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1701828 - "ITEM" of type "SCROLL_CONTAINER_ITEM" could not be generated
1705795 - Error in starting some BI applications in SAP NetWeaver 7.30.
1707869 - Wrong URL when running query 1717750 - Empty BEx adhoc analysis instead of BI statistics report
1717768 - sun.awt.motif.MToolkit (initialization failure) when doing an export to excel in portal
1797076 - Error Mapped user ID argument is null 1800359 - Warning message regarding MIME object "xxxxxxxxx" does not exist
1841224 - RSPOR_SETUP : Maintain Settings for Integration into SAP Enterprise Portal
1843982 - ABC Analysis not available in BI 7.x Web Application Designer
1844049 - The format of URL to be used for passing variable selections inside URL when using SAP BW 7.0
1850503 - Unable to create or save variant 1853408 - CLOSE_WINDOW closes the browser window instead of modal window
1862372 - Dropdown box in Web Template always displays All entries
1862465 - Variable Screen is not shown after Personalization
1862480 - Exception on Hidden Key Figure does not work
1871861 - When logon into web application designer getting message “The Standard Transport System is active”
1873930 - Filter on Hierarchy in the Variable Screen does not work
1878087 - Copy and Paste with Scrolling Module does not work for Fixed and Scrollable Areas
1896991 - Window freezes due to closing of Dialog button
1957473 - Personalize Web Application option not available in Webtemplate context menu
1843538 - Common issue with variable/selection/filter screen F4 value
1836587 - Error while generating PDF 1836986 - Percent (%) sign not exported during Export to Excel
1854937 - Common issue with Export to pdf
1854956 - Common issue with Export to excel 1707839 - Axis is not displayed in chart
1843466 - Common issue with web template graph/IGS

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