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This document addresses regarding few common problems faced in Web Application Designer


To explain the solution for few common problems occurring in Web Application Designer.

Issue 1:

When trying to open or save a Web Template in Web Application Designer, the following error message occurs:

RSBOL…  018 Java System error: An unknown Error Occurred During Portal Communication.


SAP Business Warehouse 7.00/ 7.01/7.02/7.30/7.31 


The connection between BI backend system and Portal connection should
be working properly. Else, this problem can occur. 


Please refer the note 916090 and follow the recommendations in this note.

Also, please refer the note 937697.   The Support Desk Tool shows red sometimes for
the check just for same reason. Please make sure that all the RED signal if collected in supportdesk file is corrected.

If the problem persists, please try redeploying  the SP and Patch level applied to BI Java components.

Following are the BI Java components in the case of Netweaver 7.00, 7.01, 7.02:



Following are the BI Java components in the case of Netweaver 7.30, 7.31:






Also, please note that Patch Level 0 is not recommended for BI Java components as per the note 1789842.

Also,  please look at the note 1656517.

Issue 2:

When  calling "Characteristic Value Help" in Web Application Designer on

the  Items BUTTON_GROUP_ITEM,  FILTER_PANE_ITEM, NAVIGATION_PANE_ITEM, PROPERTIES_PANE_ITEM, then the following error message occurs:

Valuehelp is not available for this object. 


Value help service mapping was missing  for these items and so the value help service provider was not initialized. 


Please follow the Solution mentioned in the note 1769497 and 1796030.

Also, look at the note 1789842 for information on BI Java components.

Issue 3:

The resultant graph in the web side do not show the data when executing a Web Template containing  Web Item Chart of Chart Type Gantt chart  from Web Application Designer.


SAP BW 7.01


The IGS version is not up to date.


Please update the IGS version to the latest one.

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