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  • Common issues faced in Web Application Designer - Part II
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This document addresses regarding few problems faced in Web Application Designer.


To explain the solution for few problems occurring in Web Application Designer.

Issue 1

Web Application Designer becomes unresponsive and you cannot save any web template. WAD does not respond to any action (close, open a new application, etc.)


There are some incorrect entries in the table which is causing an issue.

Please follow the steps below to delete these entries manually:

a> Go to Transaction: SE16

b> Enter the table name = RSZWMDITEM and press enter

c> Enter the value for MDITEMNAME = TARTITLE and execute.

d> You will find 3 entries for the value TARTITLE. Could you please delete all these 3 entries from this table.

After doing the above steps, please refresh the metadata by doing the below steps:

i) Open Web Application Designer.

ii) Go to Tools->Settings - > Refresh Metadata and press OK

Now close and restart the web application designer. It should work fine.

 Also, please look at the following SAP note:

1558066 - WAD Metadata corrupt due to invalid entries in RSZWMDITEM


Issue 2

“no way” error occurs while trying to open Web Application Designer


The reason for this issue is Patch Level lower than 300 is used for BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.30

 Also, please note that SAP GUI 7.20 is out of maintainence as of 9th of April 2013 as per the following note:

147519 - Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI

Please use BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.30 Patch Level 300 and this will solve the issue.

After applying BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.30 Patch Level 300, please do the following as per the note 1726742:
1)Please take the backup for SAPWADMXHTML.dll from the BI Installation folder (Normally the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\Business Explorer\BI)

2)Copy the file SAPWADMXHTML.dll in the attachment of the note 1726742 manually.  For a single client PC please copy the attached SAPWADMXHTML.dll in the note 1726742
to C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\Business Explorer\BI

Please also look at the following note for details:
1821866  - WAD: Menu Items are not Clickable

Issue 3

When executing the Web Template containing Web Item Chart, the following error message occurs:

“Graph size is too small to display this  amount of data”


Follow one of the following to solve the issue:

Increase the size of the chart.


Alternatively apply the Support Package or Patch as mentioned in the note 1781468 and define the following RSADMIN parameter on the BW ABAP backend:


To maintain the table RSADMIN you can use the ABAP report

SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN. After RSADMIN parameters have changed a restart of the Java system may be required.

Please be aware that defining this parameter, may lead to performance issues or to not properly rendered charts.

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1558066 : WAD Metadata corrupt due to invalid entries in RSZWMDITEM

1821866 : WAD: Menu Items are not Clickable

1781468 : ChartItem: Chart contains too much data

1726742 : SAPBWNews NW 7.x BW Add-On Frontend Patch 300 - GUI 7.30

147519 : Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI